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Ever Wonder What its Like to be a British Royal? 10 Royal Restrictions Meghan Markle Will Face Once She Says “I Do”

Meghan markle restrictions

After the royal wedding, there was no doubt that Kate Middleton was transformed and is now a well-groomed and trained member of the British Royal family. With another royal wedding on the way on May 19th, 2018  to be exact), it is quite obvious that many of the inner fangirls around the world who were raised […]

Ever Wonder What its Like to be a British Royal? 10 Royal Restrictions Meghan Markle Will Face Once She Says “I Do”

the Existant
Ever Wonder What its Like to be a British Royal? 10 Royal Restrictions Meghan Markle Will Face Once She Says “I Do”

Meghan markle restrictions

After the royal wedding, there was no doubt that Kate Middleton was transformed and is now a well-groomed and trained member of the British Royal family. With another royal wedding on the way on May 19th, 2018  to be exact), it is quite obvious that many of the inner fangirls around the world who were raised admiring princesses, can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be one.


As fabulous and luxurious the status of being a princess or being the part of a royal family might seem, its not all glitz and glamor in the end. Life is pretty restrictive in the royal family of Great Britain- and the Netflix series “The Crown” does a great job at shedding some light on this life.


Besides the luxury of the life of a princess, what are other things that royals must deal with on a daily basis? Here are some royal restrictions that Meghan Markle will have to face once she says “I Do”!



  • No More Selfies

This, by far, is at the top of the list because it is possibly one of the most difficult. An avid social media star- one who loves to post and interact with her fan base, it will become quite difficult for Markle to stop taking and posting selfies! The Queen herself has stated that selfies seem “disconcerting” to her- this may be the reason for this rule!



  • Going out in public completely alone

This is most likely for safety protocol- but once married to a royal, you are a royal and have to follow the rules of a procession and traveling, especially who to travel with and when. She will have security with her wherever she goes.



  • Giving autographs

As such a prominent actress from “Suits” and her political work in NGO’s, it will become difficult for Markle’s fans to get her autographs. For this reason, any preexisting autographs of hers will possibly multiple in their value greatly!



  • ‘Gramming and Tweeting

After marriage, Markle will be joining William, Kate, and Harry on their shared Instagram page @KensingtonRoyal to share their achievements in their charity work and other event updates.



  • Vote

After becoming a British citizen, Markle would be able to vote- and although it is not forbidden by law for Royals to vote, it is deemed unconstitutional for any Monarch to vote in an election. Although this directly applies to the Queen, it is unclear how much this applies to other members of the Royal family.


This also applies to expressing political views. After maintaining quite a strong standpoint and voice politically, it will be a clear change for Markle to have to restrain speaking up. Good thing there is other charity work she is permitted to work on and support!



  • Carry giant purses

It is unclear whether or not this is a rule- but not a single lady of the royal family has ever been seen carrying a large purse- only clutches. Not Princes Diana, nor Kate. Is it a rule? Is it the lack of needing to do so? One can only wonder. It will have to wait to be seen!



  • Wear colorful or dark nail polish

Although this seems a simple wardrobe and style choice, the wardrobe choices of every Royal- whether close to the throne in succession or not- is very specific and supposed to be conservative as per respect to the Church and the status of those related to the Crown. Only natural colors are allowed via protocol.



  • Cross her legs while sitting

The special seating etiquette of side-tilted legs will have to be mastered by Markle, just as it has been by Kate!



  • Going to bed before the Queen

This seems quite obvious- out of respect for the Crown. However, this is of course only when sleeping in the same house as the Queen. Seems doable, with the Queen at such an age!



  • Sit wherever she wants, or enter a room whenever she wants

With the line of succession there is a protocol for those entering a room in the order that is assigned to them- and when sitting at an event, each seat is calculated and planned based on- not to say importance as the best word- but status.



For better or for worse, till death do they part! It may be a difficult thing to let go of some of these things that are against Royal protocol- but it’s all good in the name of love!



Ever Wonder What its Like to be a British Royal? 10 Royal Restrictions Meghan Markle Will Face Once She Says “I Do”

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Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices Tue, 17 Apr 2018 07:29:46 +0000 the Existant
Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices

donald trump climate change policy

President of the United State Donald Trump’s ignorance toward climate change truths has disastrous consequences for all

Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices

the Existant
Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices

donald trump climate change policy


In the long list of things that Donald Trump is putting an end to- acts for environmental protection are at the top of the urgent list.


After his decision to leave the Paris Agreement in early 2017, he has slowly but surely began to back out of all agreements to protect the environment and combat climate change and essentially, global warming.


As commonly understood, it is Trump’s firm belief that global warming is just a myth, and because of this incorrect belief, it is the rest of the planet that will have to pay the price.


It is quite easy to say that the choices of the American President will have direct consequences only on the American population. Yet, even in economic and other scenarios, what effects within the country will always have consequences through a ripple effect outside of the borders- that no Border Wall can blockade or block within.


This ripple effect is even clearer in relation to the climate. Every person on planet Earth shares the same air, the same sky, the same oceans, and waters. Each part of this planet is connected. There may be political and even physical barriers- but the congruency of Mother Earth is something that cannot be denied or ignored.


What goes around comes around. Pollution in any part of the world, ignorance in the face of the ever-changing Earth in the United States, will have long-term and severe effects on the lives of not only American citizens but every citizen of the Earth in every corner of the planet.


As the media is not significantly covering this long-term crisis enough- which has more severe effects long term on the planet than almost any other crisis in history- it is quite difficult at times to put a finger on the exact effects of such choices made by world power the President of the United States.


To clarify, here are 5 disastrous consequences of Donald Trump’s choices on the environment and the world.


  • Water resources and sea levels


Water resources on all parts of the globe are highly dependent on rainfall. With the temperature increase each year, the atmosphere is holding more and more water, causing a susceptibility to drought and record high heats and low rainfall each year. About 4% more of water resources are being held in the atmosphere for every degree of Fahrenheit that the temperature rises


In addition to the limitation on water resources, one of the most recognizable evidence of climate change and global warming is the rise of sea levels around the globe. With even the smallest change in temperature, the melting of glaciers in the North and South poles are causing disastrous increases in sea levels, threatening to flood major coastal cities, aquifer and soil contamination for farmers, as well as the loss of habitats for crucial plants and animals to our way of life.



  • Increase in wildfires


One of the most devastating yet never before seen natural disasters of this past year have been wildfires- with 2017 being the worst year for forest fires in American history.  Countless fires raged for miles and miles in California, with millions of people being forced to evacuate for safety.


With the increase in temperature, the soil’s retention of moisture becomes more and more difficult, making both the air, soil, ground and dead wood drier and more susceptible to forest fires. Not to mention the burning down of entire forests and towns, but the number of taxpayer dollars that will be needed to repair for the damages and relocate evacuees will only increase as a direct cause of Trump’s policies!



  • Severe drop in air quality


Soon enough, gone will be the days where any person can leave their house and breathe in the fresh air, with the smell of grass, flowers, and nature. In the livelihood of the American worker, the amount of pollution being chugged into the atmosphere with no reigning it in- and compete and blatant ignorance on behalf of the country’s president, will only contribute to higher levels of smog and an endless list of health problems for the average citizen.


Asthma is the top of the concerns with the drop in air quality, but it is followed by a long list of severe allergies due to pollen that will bloom either earlier or later, having devastating effects on people’s cardiovascular systems and a rise in need for healthcare- which has costs that are staggering as well.



  • Destruction of Infrastructure



The ultimatum of all the disastrous consequences of ignoring the truths of climate change and global warming is the destruction of all infrastructure on the planet- the falling apart of almost every part of our daily lives. There will be a collapse of the system of roads, water supply, power grids, bridges, and more.


When there are droughts in one location, there will be excess of rainfall and flooding in another. Droughts can lead to wildfires, and excess rainfall can lead to the damaging of sewage pipes, roads, power lines, and bridges- all of which will cost millions of taxpayer dollars to repair. The cost of reparations for Hurricane Irma and Harvey alone was estimated to be about $200 billion, and adding the consequences of the countless Hurricanes such climate change harkens, there will be no end to paying for the future disasters for generations to come.



As the United States Government turns a blind eye and labels the serious threats to our way of life on this planet- the only planet we have- disastrous consequences will hit not only close to home but will be carried through winds and through the shared atmosphere that the entire planet shares.


Citizens of not only the United States- but all the generations of the entire planet Earth itself, will be here to pay the price.



Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices

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Is your iPhone getting slower? Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down old iPhones Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:33:32 +0000 the Existant
Is your iPhone getting slower? Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down old iPhones

Apple lawsuit iPhone slowing down

Apple faces a lawsuit to deal with their age-old yet secretive practice of slowing down their old iPhones

Is your iPhone getting slower? Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down old iPhones

the Existant
Is your iPhone getting slower? Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down old iPhones

Apple lawsuit iPhone slowing down


After finally admitting to slowing down it’s older iPhones- after years of speculation and suspicion, Apple has been facing weeks of bad press and frustration from all of its dedicated users.


According to Chicago-Sun Times, a lawsuit was filed in Illinois on behalf of iPhone owners who alleged that iPhones were engineered to purposely “throttle down” performance speeds and to push owners to chuck their old ones and go out to buy the ever glitzy, promising, and fast releasing new models.


People have been spending their hard-earned dollars on products they believed to be dependable and of the highest-tier of quality- the price tag on all Apple products would seem to be just so.


However, with this murky, concealed practice it seems that Apple itself does not have faith in its own products and feels the need to slow its older phones down to bring up sales even more.


Two law students from the University of Southern California have filed a lawsuit as well, claiming the same as their counterparts in Illinois, stating- “[Apple] breached the implied contract it made with [iPhone owners] by purposely slowing down older iPhone models when new models came out and by failing to properly disclose that at the time that the parties entered into an agreement”. Their class action lawsuit is hoping to represent all iPhone owners of those before the 8.


Although the common perception is that the $750 billion company is slowing down its phones so people ditch the old ones and run for the new ones- but another side of the story is being ignored in this case. There was generally a lack of transparency in Apple’s dealing with the handling of phones with aging batteries- that generally need replacements after they start to “die”


Lithium-ion batteries begin to lose their ability to hold a charge after being used for some time, and all phone manufacturing companies have to find a way to deal with or work around this squabble.


A large number of Apple’s iPhones shutting down unexpectedly due to this issue could have easily be solved by a gentle reminder to replace the battery- just another one of the many reminders that Apple has set in their iPhone software. Or, that the phone will continue to slow down until the battery is changed.


Any sort of simple yet direct reminder could have solved the issue if this was just Apple’s way to work around aging batteries.


But if it was truly a money-making scheme, then what was once a success is slowly but surely snowballing into not only bad press but a host of million dollar legal ramifications.



Is your iPhone getting slower? Apple faces lawsuits for slowing down old iPhones

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The Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: Navigating Murky Waters Wed, 22 Nov 2017 06:43:29 +0000 the Existant
The Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: Navigating Murky Waters

Nouman Ali Khan

The gossip surrounding the allegations against Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan has made it difficult to understand truth from falsehood. How does one cope?

The Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: Navigating Murky Waters

the Existant
The Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: Navigating Murky Waters

Nouman Ali Khan


I think I can easily say that Nouman Ali Khan is one of those speakers.


No, not what you are thinking. Think again.


In a generation frought with filth and consumerism and lust and greed- it has become rare enough that a scholar, a teacher, a mentor of any sort is enough inspirtaion to bring another person out of the light.


But it can easily be agreed upon that Nouman Ali Khan has been a source of guiding light and inspiration to many people on this Earth- Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


His Bayyinah TV initiative, his school, his lectures, his methodology of understanding the basics of Arabic and personalizing with the Quran and the life of the Prophet (pbuh) is more than the average man can do.


And putting the backlash and talk of hypocrisy aside, how much can one say that they are close to the Quran, or understand it enough to feel confident to teach others? With passion?


It is through the hands of Allah that any person guides another. No one is charismatic, or good with words, or illustrious in speech by choice. It is a gift, a blessing from Allah- the ability to guide and inspire.


It has been in the darkest moments of my life, and in the lives of others, that turning to the talks of Nouman Ali Khan, turning to his words of wisdom, sharing it with others, and using his inspiration to teach others.


As I am a teacher, he is my teacher, and from him I have learned to be a better person, a better teacher each day.


Returning the the heart of the matter- how does one navigate such a scandal, with screenshots and eyewitness accounts to back up such claims?


I refuse to take sides, and yet I refuse to take a neutral stance.


This is not a matter lacking of importance. Our generation, our youth- must learn to understand what we do when such a thing happens.


For a time, I scoured articles with proof to see just how valid it is. Then, I perused as many analyses of the situation as possible, searching for fatwas and statements by scholars.


I was lost. I was confused. I was distraught.


And most of all, I was afraid.


Afraid, that if such a man could amount to this- then what are we? What are our deeds worth? Can it truly be a fraud? Can HE truly be a fraud? Can the source of our wisdom be falsehood? Is our inspiration and hope based on lies and hypocrisy?


Although the majority of scholars have refused to speak on this topic, it is with a wisdom that I have taken a step back and begun to slowly, take steps towards healing.


First and foremost, we must face every single obstacle and worrying event with the lenses of Allah and his Messenger (pbuh). Through the concepts that Allah has blessed the charisma and words of Nouman Ali Khan as well, I have learned that in every obstacle, there is a simple solution. A way to go back to the basics.


What does Allah say in the Quran? How did the Prophet (pbuh) deal with such matters?


Every person makes mistakes. No person on this earth is perfect. But it is the repentance of the believer that is most valuable to Allah- the truthfulness of the heart begging Allah, connected to Him for His sake.


More importantly, it does not, or to put it in better words, it should not matter to us whether it is the truth or falsehood. We should not concern ourselves with that which does not concern us.


In reality, we believe that as a Muslim, no matter what allegations are made against a person, it is our responsibility to stay silent, to make 70 excuses on behalf of our brother or sister in Islam. When we hear gossip or backbiting, we must leave it.


Why does Allah command us to stay away from backbiting? Because even the truth can cause fitnah.


It can make people lose hope and faith, and believe the very source of their recharged, rekindled Iman and faith and hope is all but a lie, a false hope.


It can make people think that if this is true, then the world is lost.


But hope is not lost, the world is not lost.


It is through Allah’s hands that this man was able to inspire and guide so many.


The confusion and despair is normal- but it is not the business of you or I or anyone else who is not a part of his personal life whether or not he has done what social media propaganda is begging us to believe.


The truth is the truth no doubt, and wrong is wrong- it is not right to stay silent and bully and harass women who possibly have rightful claims. We cannot silence them, or silence any attempt to speak for the rights of women, whom Allah Himself protects and defends in Surah Noor, against false claims and to honor their speech.


But in the matter of the choice of Allah- it is Allah alone who knows what is in the hearts. Our Duniya neither our Akhirah must depend on the sins of others. It is our sins that will matter. It is our deeds that will count, for our very own selves.


And if it is part of Allah’s plan to choose to guide us through the words of a man that everyone seems to be hell-bent on discrediting, then it is Allah’s guidance alone that grants us that inspiration.


There is no reason for such talks, no matter the truths, to undo our inspiration, or cause hope to die and evaporate from our chests and leave our hearts heavy.


We protect each other, we pray for each other. We mind our own deeds. We speak not of that which we do not know. We ask Allah for guidance.


We stay silent. And most of all, we keep hope in the Almighty’s forgiveness and mercy and love and guidance.


I can hope and pray for God to forgive me if I have spoken falsehood- and forgive us all of our sins and keep our character and reputation intact.



The Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: Navigating Murky Waters

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Islam, Nationalism, and the 4th of July- A Discussion Wed, 05 Jul 2017 12:38:49 +0000 the Existant
Islam, Nationalism, and the 4th of July- A Discussion

islam july 4

July 4th- American Independence Day- just passed. What do Muslims believe about nationalism and celebrating the birth of a nation?

Islam, Nationalism, and the 4th of July- A Discussion

the Existant
Islam, Nationalism, and the 4th of July- A Discussion

islam july 4


There are many ways to tackle what any religion says about a certain topic, as taboo or non-taboo as it may be.


For Muslims, the most basic approaches to understanding what is right and wrong, what to believe, and what stance to take on any particular subject is to look directly to the Quran- the words of God or the Hadeeth and Sunnah- words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and his life.


Saying what “a Muslim” believes about a certain topic ranges greatly in the amount of interpretations out there that exists. An extremely liberal Muslim might interpret a verse in one way, whilst a more conservative Muslim might believe something to mean another thing.


The truth is, Islam is the Middle Path- there is no extremism in religion. No extreme conservatism, and no extreme liberalism either.


In truth, whatever is in the middle and is a balanced way of life, is what Islam believes in. And this “middle path” is the middle, not too light and not to harsh way of translating and understanding the words of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him).


There are multitudes of scholars left and right who interpret the words of the Holy Quran to the best of their ability, and based on their own subjective levels of belief. Of course, the rule of thumb is to stick closest to the words of God and His Messenger as possible.


So, why this backdrop, if the topic is nationalism and the 4th of July? Why give a backdrop of the middle path, an understanding of the way Islam is understood, to understand American Independence Day?


Nationalism, in truth, oftentimes results in extremism. People with an extreme love for their countries end up doing things, and acting in ways that is not in par with their beliefs.


Islam teaches us that all of the Earth is made for all of mankind, that mankind can pray on any corner of the Earth, can migrate from one corner of the Earth to another.


From the beginning of time when there were barely any conception of differences between peoples, the newfound notion of a nation and pride based on imaginary, man-made borders is a thing to ponder about.


For the function of this day and age, it is true that nations are needed. For peace, for understanding, for relations, for the function of the modern society and globalized world at large- even for organization’s sake.


And yes, no country has been in existence for more than a certain amount of years. Almost every nation has a birth date, and this birth date is celebrated joyously, the beliefs upheld by each nation reveled at and remembered and celebrated.


As a Muslim, one must always obey the laws of the land as long as it does not interfere with the laws of Allah and religion and the beliefs and practices that fall beneath it. Having pride or belief in a nation’s purport and pride is nothing inherently wrong or out-rightly forbidden.


Yet, there is a nuanced understanding in the middle path that people seem to miss out on.


Be in American Independence or the independence of any other country on the planet, there is no reason in which the birth of a nation must be celebrated with an extreme nationalism where others are hated, where one is believed to be better than others, to be the conquerors by the sword- or by the nuclear power as today, per se.


Allah says in the Holy Quran, that He has created nations and tribes so that they may come to know one another.


God created diversity to appreciate and love, to understand and learn. To marvel at the beauty of God’s creation, and love and remember Allah all the more for it.


So what is the true stance on nationalism in Islam? Did we spend our July 4th’s wisely?


We don’t know for sure. Certainly, Allah did not choose to foretell the birth of the American nation in His Holy Quran, and neither did He choose to forbid or make incumbent upon mankind to celebrate its birthdate- a date fraught with atrocities and negativity in the history of a land of many natives and burdened, tortured souls. History plays on both sides of the coin, and it is the story of the conqueror we are told.


The fact of the matter is, we cannot practice extreme nationalism for any nation, for borders change, borders are made. It is the Earth we all belong to, and it is with respect to all mankind, people of all nations and tribes- we must live.


Is nationalism looked down upon in Islam? No. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) loved Makkah more than any city on Earth. But Allah commanded him to move to Madinah when it was not safe for him to live there anymore- and he was taught to love a land to which he did not belong, to live, grow old, and defend a land- have pride for a land- to which he did not belong.


For Muslims living in America, it is  okay to be a proud American. It is okay to stand for values that you find aligned to those you believe in. But it is never okay, to go to extremes. To love and celebrate the day of a bloody independence in the way you would celebrate the biggest occasion on the planet. It is never okay, to hate other lands simply out of extreme love for your land.

All of Earth is the same, and national borders are man-made, malleable.


I am not here to give you a ruling, to quote the Quran or to pass judgments on what is allowed and what is not- but just to provide an intimate discussion, some food for thought. So we can come back to the basics, rethink our daily lives.


And, rather than running with the cycle of things, take a step back from the wheel and take a much deeper, analytical look in the actions we take in our every day lives.


We are part of a nation, of nations. All of us have a mixture of many nations within us- some we are more proud of than others.


What matters is not what nation we belong to, but how we represent ourselves as human beings, as Muslims or Jews or Christians. As human beings.


And in the end, there is no nationalism that is stronger than the bond between each human being- the bond of being human.


So rejoice in what gives you pride, agree to disagree and agree to the laws of the land you believe to be free.


And as Muslims- one must always remember that we are all of one Earth, the same Earth. All of the Earth belongs to Allah, and to the Earth- and to Allah- we must all return in the end.

Islam, Nationalism, and the 4th of July- A Discussion

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United Airlines Dragging Off Passengers- What This Says About The Company’s Values And The Industry Fri, 14 Apr 2017 05:26:12 +0000 the Existant
United Airlines Dragging Off Passengers- What This Says About The Company’s Values And The Industry

united airlines

We all know what happened. But what does this truly say about United Airlines- and the industry’s mentality?

United Airlines Dragging Off Passengers- What This Says About The Company’s Values And The Industry

the Existant
United Airlines Dragging Off Passengers- What This Says About The Company’s Values And The Industry

united airlines


An insane amount of news we see on our Facebook newsfeed nowadays revolve around viral sensations and crazy instances that are not normally covered by the media.


One of the more recent news, that almost every news outlet online has covered in quite a large depth, is the news about United Airlines and their debacle of dragging a passenger (more than one I believe?) off their airplane.


Given this piece of news is nothing new- and is most definitely very fresh in our minds as a horrific act of injustice, there is a need to step back and see what this act actually represents in the values of not only the company at present, but the large majority of industries that customers have become enslaved to.


Rather than discuss what actually happened  which in simple terms is a man being chosen to be forcefully dragged off an overbooked flight by security officers when refusing to comply with the demand to leave the plane- let’s take a look at the inherent fallacies and values that contribute to such actions.


Admittedly, such deeds seem horrendous to our sensible morality of the world, and what is right and wrong. But with such actions becoming more and more common in what I like to call The Trump Era  where unfair treatment and profiling have practically become authorized, such things have become almost normal to our ears.


united airlines


Videos were posted on Twitter by surrounding passengers of the man being dragged off by security officers by force, and the outcry and protest of the man being dragged being completely ignored. Sounds inhumane, doesn’t it?


Naturally, no matter how horrendous an act, there comes a time when things occur so often that almost no one takes a second glance.


Taking a step back, here are a few things we can say about the root of such viral news, and possibly a reflection on the values that United Airlines might be trying to run with:




  • The Customer is ALWAYS right? Not anymore

united airlines


In our free-market economy, to keep businesses booming, it is the standard to consider the customer as always being right.


In an essence, the company will retain its business if the customer is happy. The company needs the customer to survive, and must convince the customer why they need their services.


This sounds largely economical, but hear me out. It is definitely a two-way street, and the customer to some degree or extent has to be interested in the product or service to pursue it.


But in the large majority of cases where there is competition- or other airlines to be exact- the company needs to convince the customer as to why they should continue supporting them, and using their services.


The entitlement displayed by such an action; dragging a person off a flight, shows that yes, in that moment that person needed to be on that flight. But in the future, he (and several thousand others!) can easily turn to someone else in the market.


Companies are now valuing their own selves more than their customers. With this type of mentality, there can be fraudulent practices, mistreatment of customers, and a lack of honesty in the good or service provided.


If a company believes their customer needs them, and not the other way around, it is a one way ticket to entitlement, and in the end, possible bankruptcy and loss of value for their good or service.




  • Power at play

 united airlines

Similar to the reversal of who needs who, this also puts in the hands of the company and industry in general, a sense that they are in power, and they can do whatever they want.


This can have dangerous impacts on not only the customers- who have the option to opt out of the service- but employees of various ranks.


When a company believes that they are in firm power, they will do anything to keep that power. (Hint: even apologize when their stocks are dropping).


It may sound like I am turning the screw a little too hard to drive the point home, but this point is crucial. Devaluing the service being provided to a customer population almost directly means a complete drop in the quality- and in this case, the humanity- of a company’s practice.

On another scale, it can be said that the silent, unspeaking audience who went through the effort to videotape the escapade but not put an end to it, reverberates a sense of solidarity in the immorality of these values- a lack of honesty or value of others.


They will stick to their rules blindly, the system is in power- human lives not as important in this power play.




  • Money talks?

    united airlines

It easy to say that the process of literally and quite inhumanely dragging a person off of an airplane is inhumane. It is another to take another step back and think about what kind of mentality brought about such a situation in the first place.


How did the United Airlines flight become overbooked in the first place, that they had to resort to dragging a random person off a plane?




We have all heard the saying that money talks- and in multi-billion dollar industries, every penny counts. Or every ticket brought by every passenger.


It is easy said and done that they did not value the customer enough to try and appease him- to the extent of causing injury and putting him in harms way.


It is another thing to look at the more recently surfacing news about multiple people being ejected from overbooked flights from United Airlines in the recent past- stories that never reached sensationalism because the customers were compliant.


All of these instances, this pattern of ejections come from overbooking. I am confident that it is not their lack of managerial skills or ability to know when a flight is overbooked- but a lust for every passenger and ticket to make it on the plane.


They might not have purposely overbooked the flight-it would be interesting to examine that if they in fact did- but they may have been reckless and careless.


In essence, they were trying to make more money from more customers than they had room for- speaking far more deeply to the devaluation of customer’s happiness in the providing of services.




  • Who is at fault? Is there a solution to this inhumanity?

united airlines

After really examining such situations in a reflective, philosophical, and even economical root, it is really interesting to wonder who can be blamed in the end, or whether there are preventative strategies, or a cure and solution.


Sure, a prevention taken by the customer will be to never fly United again. A preventative strategy by the airline and industry will be to never do such a thing again- or at least never to this extent and more likely with compliant passengers.


But then, this mindset will manifest in more than one place, one way or another, in one other place or another.


In the end, it is something that every person has to play their part to eradicate. There is a loss of value for all things good, a loss of value for not only the customer ot the power play of industry, but a (very broadly understood) lack of humanity in the treatment of fellow human beings.


It takes one glance at news headlines to know that this is true all across the board.


Rather than attempting prevention, the one step each and every person can try their best to make, is to stand against such actions, and never be complicit to inhumanity in whatever way possible in their daily lives.


Whether it is United Airlines or some other company basking in its own glory, there will be plenty of opportunities for the common man to do a common act of good, and speak to whatever ounce of humanity is left in the world.


True, this is a small incidence in a world of countless horrors and devastating events.


But it is the responsibility of every human being to speak to the humane side of existence, no matter the situation at hand that they have the ability to impact.


Be it large scale or small scale, every heart matters. Every action counts.




United Airlines Dragging Off Passengers- What This Says About The Company’s Values And The Industry

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Can Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the devastating discovery- and what ACTUALLY causes cancer Thu, 23 Mar 2017 06:46:00 +0000 the Existant
Can Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the devastating discovery- and what ACTUALLY causes cancer

nutella really cause cancer

Everyone’s favorite Nutella is being framed for being carcinogenic. How truthful are these claims? What actually causes cancer?

Can Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the devastating discovery- and what ACTUALLY causes cancer

the Existant
Can Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the devastating discovery- and what ACTUALLY causes cancer

nutella really cause cancer


The world’s favorite, and perhaps only hazelnut chocolate spread that has taken the world by a storm is now being framed for being carcinogenic.


With almost every popular food item being blamed for being a contributor to cancer, how truthful is this claim in itself?


Can Nutella really cause cancer?


To find out the truth behind this claim, we have to understand what it means for something to be cancer causing, and how a food in itself can cause cancer.



  • What does it mean for something to cause cancer?

In its actual form, cancer is a disease of cells, and as we all know, cells are the building blocks of our body that make up every organ and organ system and allow us to function and survive.


Cancers can exist for different cells in different parts of the body- that is why when we hear of cancer, it is usually reserved to a particular part of the body where the cancer originated.


Cancers start from one abnormal cell, damaging and altering the way that the normal cells multiply and divide- a crucial process for survival.


Sometimes, cancers develop without any apparent reason. Unfortunately, there are many risk factors that can contribute to the development of cancer cells.


In a way, these risk factors don’t actually or directly cause cancer- they increase the risk for cancer, aid in cancerous growth, and make it more likely.



  • What actually causes cancer?

There are many risk factors of things that contribute to the growth of a cancer. Some of these risk factors include chemical carcinogens, age, lifestyle factors, radiation, infection, the immune system, and a person’s unique genetic makeup. Most cancers originate from a combination of these factors rather than just one.



  • Age and Immune system

Of course, the majority of these risk factors are quite obvious. The older you become, the more at risk a person becomes for any sort of disease due to the slowing down of the immune system.


The immune system defends our body from anything abnormal- and a weakened immune system makes it easier for someone to develop certain kinds of cancer.



  • Genetic Makeup

Someone’s genetic makeup might be more leaning towards a cancerous future, if they are born with abnormal genes that can become cancerous, or that they are less resistant to carcinogens



  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle factors play a big role, as earing fatty foods can increase the risk of certain kids of cancers- as obesity, lack of exercise, and alcohol abuse. Most cancers originate from these unavoidable lifestyle factors.



  • Carcinogens

Radiation, infection, and chemical carcinogens are what push all the other factors over the edge, if one is less resistant to cancer-causing factors. Exposure to sunburns, UV rays, radioactive materials, and nuclear fallout increase the risk of cancer. The larger the dose, the larger the risk.


Some germs and viruses are also linked to causing cancer in different parts of the body- and most of the time; these diseases and infections are completely preventable and curable before they reach the cancerous stage.


The most dangerous and powerful causer of cancer is the exposure to carcinogens. These are usually certain chemicals, even certain ingredients that are put in foods we eat, where the larger the exposure the higher the risk. These include tobacco and exposure to other workplace chemicals.



  • Is Nutella really cancerous?


From all the cancer-causing agents, which one is in Nutella that apparently causes cancer? Of course, Nutella has to contain something that is linked to cancers and can support the growth of cancers.


But in all reality, there is no actual cancerous cells placed in Nutella. Ferraro is not an evil mastermind company trying to poison its massive consumer following.


Rather, the simple fact is that Nutella is made using palm oil and the contaminants within them, which across the board raises health concerns. When palm oil is heated and refined to 393 degrees Fahrenheit as it is in the production of Nutella, the major concern is that palm oil is heated with glycidyl fatty acid esters- also known as GE.


Helle Knusten, the Chair of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) warned that there is enough evidence to suggest that glycidol is carcinogenic.This means that with GE in processed in Nutella with palm oil at such high temperatures, it proves a factor contributing towards cancer development.


In its own way, the ingredients and processing of Nutella has been scientifically found to be carcinogenic. Consumption of Nutella is not directly a cause or link to cancer, but it contains ingredients that are indeed something to watch out for.



  • Is there any way around it?


There is really no way around the fact that there are hundreds of things we are exposed to on a daily basis that are said to be cancer causing, including GE and palm oil. Almost everything we eat that is processed or containing vegetable oils has links to such risks,


However, we cannot simply stop living our lives to prevent cancer- because the smallest exposures do not directly cause any cancer.


Rather, the higher the exposure, the higher the chance for something to be cancer causing. And it is always a combination of the mentioned factors. If you feel that you are facing many other carcinogenic factors, then staying away from large quantities of anything that is or contains a carcinogen, including Nutella, is probably your safest bet.


We cannot just throw out every food option out altogether. We can be careful, we can be aware, and we can understand what things contribute to cancer and how it can be avoided. And we can learn to discriminate from actual risk factors and their amount of riskiness, rather than blindly following behind news headlines.



  • What does Ferraro have to say?


The truth is, Nutella is not the only product out there to contain the carcinogen palm oil, so it is interesting to see Nutella being singled out so blatantly.


Although many retailers have removed Nutella from their stocks, it is interesting to note that Ferraro as a company has not taken any decision to either change their ingredients or defend their stance other than to fight the claim that it Nutella is directly linked to cancer.


Sure, a key ingredient is linked to the development of cancer, but they state that it is still safe to eat. The company itself would obviously say such a thing to keep buyers, but they have more than lack of willingness to comply to demands.


With palm oil being a key ingredient, it would make Nutella as a product inferior and would be a step backward if created without it, according to Ferraro’s purchasing manager Vincenzo Tapella. It would be a completely different product, and would lose its popularity immediately, even more so than these cancer-linked claims.


In addition to its key role in Nutella’s taste, it is key in its price as well. Nutella is affordable and accessible in large part to its usage of the cheapest vegetable oil on the market. According to Reuters, this makes them hesitant to pull it off their ingredient list as well.


nutella cause cancer


In the end, it is everyone’s individual choice whether they choose to stick with Nutella or to boycott it. Before taking that step however, it is important to understand the commonality of the use of palm oil and other carcinogenic ingredients that are taking over the food industry today.



Can Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the devastating discovery- and what ACTUALLY causes cancer

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This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like Fri, 17 Mar 2017 04:56:51 +0000 the Existant
This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like

trump era

America’s new president is controversial in every single way. Trump’s era is something of a phenomenon to behold

This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like

the Existant
This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like

trump era

There are many things that America as a country stands for.

For freedom. For equality of rights.

For liberty and justice for all.


That’s why it was a total shocker when Mister Donald Trump, executive of Trump industries made his claim on the throne and rose to power, dawning upon us the Trump Era.


With Trump as President, there are many more things that America is turning the tide towards.

To racism. To inequality. To injustice. To mindlessness. To the destruction of moral values.

To straight out absurdity.


There are many things that Americans feel out of fear or anxiety of what is to come next from our new POTUS. What we cannot ignore, is that he really is our president now, and that rather than blinding ourselves in shock, we have to learn to identify what is wrong before we can set out to fix it.


There are countless organizations fighting for rights, fighting for the good of the country in backlash to the absurdities brought about by Trumps so-called administration.


But the fact of the matter is, he was elected.


Someone wanted him up there. And that someone seems to be egging his administration onwards. And whatever absurdities are being established, each and every American will have to reckon with these new realities of the Trump era.


Don’t get me wrong, as a true American I want more than anyone for our president to do whats right for the country.


But when the rights of many are at risk, and the very laws and values that bind our nation together are being picked apart, its pretty difficult to keep the faith in what seems like a democracy falling apart.


There are just too many things falling apart since the day Trump was elected- and beyond his insane outbreaks of emotion, nonstop tweets, and awkward repetition of words (talk about no public speaking skills!), the actual action being taken far beyond his promises are what shock us.


It shocks most Americans to the point that it doesn’t seem real. All that is happening seems to spiral around our heads, and we can barely keep track of what is happening. Or what to expect of a new life in the United States.


To really survive in any country, you have to understand the fabric of culture in the era in which you live in.


And in this turning point of eras, it is clear that what has been established as the United States in the past few decades is being flipped over on its head.


Its time to step back from the shock and look our country in its eyes and understand what is ailing it.


For real this time.


Can’t seem to pinpoint just what Trump’s Era looks like, or may eventually look like?




Here is a totally incomprehensive list of the new realities Americans must come to terms with and acknowledge as a part of life in the States- if they wish to turn the tables once again:



  • Racial discrimination

The days of racial equality have taken a total 180 degree flip. Wherever we were heading with a black president with President Obama has got up and ran away from our reach.


All these years of toiling for equality of rights and even acknowledgement as human beings, it seems almost that the new reality we are to live with is that all races that are not white Americans will face discrimination in their daily lives, even if there is almost negative chances for a threat.



  • Banning people of a certain faith and of a certain origin (The Muslim Bans)

Correct me if I am mistaken, but I truly believe that this country was built upon diversity, of people from all nations coming together for a better life and for freedom of identity.


When this right is stripped away from things like the Muslim Ban and Trump’s wall, its as if people have been banned and robbed of their right to exist in a country that once welcomed them with open arms.


Even if there are a good many Americans that care for others, and are in no way racist to this extent, it is a new reality dawning in this era that speaks to the fear that once was in the hearts of African American slaves not too long ago.


We may not be taking the path back to slavery, but the mindset is shifting to that of imbalance of identity.



  • Lying outright

Forget teaching your children to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Not only the President himself, but the majority of the administration has taken it upon themselves to lie and lie and lie. This seems to become a way of life in Trump’s era.


From lying about Iran attacking the States to continuously trying to alter the clear fact of the Presidential Inauguration Crowd to the removal of the statue in his office and Kellyane Conway’s coining of a reality of “Alternative Facts”, it is hard not to see lies upon lies seeping through every corner.


All those corporations we always thought would get the boot for selling us lies, will now have open license to thrive in a government that now prides itself in lying while being totally oblivious to the weight of the lie.


No, even if he knew that lying was wrong, Trump would still do it. The word “wrong” is extremely relative, especially for a man like him.

  • Anti-court system

Of all the 3 branches of the American democratic government system, it always seemed that the Judicial branch and its system of courts and judges would always be impartial and on the side of the law, regardless of associations of opinions or biases. The law is supposed to be the law.


Which is interesting, because when a President is supposed to answer to such a power, it seems that he is denying it outright, refusing to reckon with the laws that govern this nation.


In a way, he is denying the truth of answering to a system of laws to keep the country running. The laws we answer to, from their very core, are being pulled out from the root.



  • Gender Inequality

Trumps era


Forget the way that Trump’s administration has almost completely undone all the work for the rights of the LGBT community.


His “pussy grabbing” comments have in a way, denounced the rights of women as people, and made the gender gap  larger not only financially, but in the fundamental rights of every woman, feminist or not, in the country.


His treatment of women as objects, and demeaning stance on women as people in his comments in general have basically authorized and validated all those who are anti-feminist and (basically) male supremacists.


People are basically allowed to look down on women again, thanks to Trump’s validation of their ignorance. He is just as ignorant as they are.



  • Pro-Anti-Semitism and white nationalist

Openly associating with white nationalist groups and leaders, and aligning ideals with anti-Semitism ideals is on the rise with the President’s actions.


Of course, these ideals never fully disappeared and have always been on the sidelines. By giving authority and acknowledgement- and that too positively reinforcing- is allowing this type of mindset to seep into this new growing generation. This mindset is back and in the forefront, without shame or fear.


It is a new reality to deal with.



  • Denying refugees in need

Similar to the racism and ban on Muslims, it seems as though the most innocent and in-need of the world are denied access to freedom in this Land of the Free.


These people are terrorized and need a place to turn for a fresh new start- and not because they want to hurt anyone, but because they have been hurt enough.


Interestingly, with the other nations (Canada cough Canada) opening their arms for these people, and with Trump’s era ushered in with painful new realities, America seems to be the last place people in need will turn to for a new start.



  • Giving benefit to the rich

The seemingly opposite reality of a democracy is coming into fruition as a corporate nation. With rising benefits for the rich, tax cuts for the millionaires of the nation and increased taxes for the middle class, it seems POTUS and his administration are focused on keeping the benefits for the reach.


And preventing any possible gaining of benefits for anyone below the bottom rung.


In this new reality, it should be expected that life would only be harder to afford and sustain if you are not exceedingly rich. And, no amount of hard work can allow you to grow financially, as the new system is being wired to keep you behind financial bars.

Trumps era


  • Declaring mainstream media as the enemy

To understand media from its core- especially mainstream media- it is important to realize that it rose as a way to grant people voice and freedom in ways corporate powers and political entities usually sought to undermine.


Mainsteam media usually is the voices of the people, standing for the people. But when the mainstream media is disavowed and declared as the enemy, it seems as though we are stripped of our voices and not allowed to speak.


Not only that, but we are almost denied access to the voices of millions. Or rather, denied validation of those voices. 1984 much?



  • Degrading importance of security briefings

There is no doubt that being the President of the United States is no small task. Endless security briefings from all levels of classified and urgency must be dealt with alongside advisors.


Rather than attending to them with the utmost importance that it should be given, Trump decides he does not need to be there.


Judging by the number of lengthy vacations he has already taken since assuming presidency, it is no surprise that us as citizens of the United States mean no importance to Trump, and almost never will. That also means that burgeoning issues will never be dealt with, let alone dealt with in the proper manner. Things will be left unattended to, advice will be disregarded.


The overall security of the nation will be at risk. The rights of the people will be ignored. The needs of the nation will be forgotten as he goes on yet another vacation.


Our issues will never matter to him, and the security of the nation that he so-called roots and defends is just a ploy for popularity in his reality television serial.



  • Thinking of America as a reality TV show

In his comments about Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice it seems that Trump sees his role as nothing but the protagonist (antagonist for us) of a reality TV show.


He has even gone as far as to tweet the upcoming announcement of who is to be elected to several administration positions, attempting to build up some sort of excitement.


TV-show ploy much?



  • Tweeting everything he does

Despite being a generation of technology and digitized way of life, it seems unnatural that dear POTUS should rely so heavily on Twitter to vent his every emotion.


I mean, he is a human being and he should be able to vent his emotions. But as one of the leading powers of the developed world, it seems that this could serve negatively for him, and his status as a power-player in the future.


Which means, can impact America’s status in general, and the rights of our citizens across the globe. We are naturally associated with our President. What could go wrong?



  • Treating America as a corporation

Putting aside the way in which Trump attacked a private company for boycotting his daughter’s brand and the advertisement of brands on the new White House website, Trump sees his investments and dealings as POTUS a part of a larger corporation deal.


Naturally, citizens of this corporation will be viewed as gains and losses, not human beings.



  • Outright denial of environmental issues

The Environmental Protection Agency was just one of the organizations- if not the major one, that we depend on to inform us scientifically, with facts and figures, just how the planet is doing and just what we can do in terms of policy changes to fix it, and prevent total disaster.


With the EPA handed over to a climate denialist and an administration of lies and blind beliefs, it is almost certain that whatever small progress being made in keeping the planet’s disintegration under control is not only being torn to shreds, but earing a speeding ticket towards disaster.



  • Making sensitive issues public- even nuclear details

It seems as though Trump has never received proper briefing on the almost common sense ideals of the sensitivity and classified nature of certain things.


Instead of keeping things private when they need to be, he is insistent on discussing core secret deals in public to the extent of nuclear warhead details and discussions without so much as security clearance at country clubs around friends.


Its as if he sees nuclear talks as emotionally as he sees his Twitter rants.


It is a new reality to forget safety, and brace ourselves for possible war- if clearances keep up this way.


  • Destroying relations with important allies

Nations have allies for a reason. Australia and Mexico are in a way close the United States for sake of mutual needs and protection. No nation can stand alone without allying itself with others. Global crises and disagreements with other nations undoubtedly arise over and over again, as is the natural state of human existence.


But when you yell at Australia and threaten Mexico to pay for a wall to keep their citizens out, it seems like you are setting the ring up to get yourself cornered in the long run.



  • Allying with enemies

Being a superpower as a country naturally aligns enemies vying for the throne on which you sit. Which is interesting, when rather than keeping up with delicate relations with the centuries-established enemy, we are starting to align ourselves to become too friendly with those who care most to hurt us as a nation.


Is this Trump being incredibly stupid, or justifiably smart?

trump era


  • Constructive criticism makes YOU the enemy

We are a nation that wants to move forward and succeed, and to do that there needs to be constructive criticism in the process. No one is perfect- definitely not Trump- and if his advisors in any way see something being said or thought as wrong, it is pretty critical to listen and understand.


Unfortunately, the era we now live in denounces all sort of advice, to the extreme that any advice you give, any criticism to the choices and actions and even WORDS of our new supreme leader is seen as aligning with the enemy.


In other words, we have no choice but to listen and nod our heads blindly in agreement no matter what.


We are screwed either way.



  • Disability Stigma

It took years and years of fighting for rights and lobbying to finally be able to identify people with disabilities as deserving of rights and acknowledgment, of having the access and freedom of the pursuit of happiness.


With Trump and his own degradation of any person with disabilities outright in the news, it seems as though all this hard work has been undone, and those with disabilities have lost their right to any sort of life.



trump era


This exhaustive list is nothing if comprehensive, and it seems that day-by-day, rights and long-fought establishments are being uprooted. Even as I finished writing this list, it was as if more and more points were piling upon me and drowning me.


(Visit New York Magazine’s article here ] ) for a more comprehensive, exacting list of the actual terrifying things Trump has done- and this is only up until the end of February)


Are there any burning new realities Americans live with in Trump’s Era missing from the above list? Can it get any worse?


What are you planning to do in your own lives to deal with this new era?


Is there anything that can be done?


This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like

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