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3 Ways to Encourage Reading in the Digital Age

encourage reading

Despite the discouragement of the technology in instilling reading habits, there are still many ways that reading can be encouraged in children- and even adults!

3 Ways to Encourage Reading in the Digital Age

the Existant
3 Ways to Encourage Reading in the Digital Age

encourage reading


In the recent years, the shift from manual activities that take place face to face, to technologically- centered ways of life has most definitely benefitted humankind in many ways.


However, the most detrimental side effects of living in the digital age are its discouragement of reading. Throughout recent industrial history, the practice of reading is critical to career readiness, success, and intellectual capabilities and strength.


With this comes a threat to the futures of not only our own lives and skill but the lives of those of our future generations.


As impossible as it seems to battle with children and even our own selves to disconnect and force ourselves to read- there are still many ways to encourage and still habits of reading in children and adults alike.


  • Focus on Interests

Reading does not have to mean perusing texts that cause you or your child to snore. All people have topics and genres that intrigue them, interest them. By finding out what topics and genres are most captivating to either you or your child, it can be easier to encourage reading habits and make it a routine.


Besides, the point of reading is not only to practice readiness, but also to explore interests and learn new things.



  • Have Access to Variety- Using Technology!

With all the access to technology, why not take advantage of such tools for our benefit in this digital age? Reading does not always have to mean from a physical paperback text- it can be in any form.


Download a Kindle app, buy an e-reader, download variety of magazine or periodical apps to follow up and read daily. Some apps even come with reminders to read something every single day! Rather than allowing technology to become our downfall, we can take advantage of it and use it for our own good!



  • Find loved mentors and create relationships through texts

 This does not mean texts as in text messaging. Oftentimes, the best of friendships are rooted in a shared understanding and taste in texts- as in novels, articles, periodicals, genres.


For children, this can mean a mentor- an adult or teenager or someone they look up to who they can discuss readings with. For adults, this can mean being part of a book club where one reads and discusses what they have read with their fellow members and can even make new friends- or encourage reading alongside a good friend.




It is critical to remember the importance of reading high-quality texts- be it essays or novels or articles or even blogs- for not only our own lives but the lives of the future generations. Despite the difficulties faced in such practices, reading readiness is pertinent for our future generations.


These future generations- our children and their children- are the ones who will carry forth civilization and be the beacons of light that keep the world growing, surviving, and hopefully thriving, for generations to come.



3 Ways to Encourage Reading in the Digital Age

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6 Telltale Warning Signs of a Person with Concealed Depression Tue, 12 Dec 2017 09:05:29 +0000 the Existant
6 Telltale Warning Signs of a Person with Concealed Depression

concealed depression

  Depression is just one of those things that can seep into a person’s life without them realizing it. Most of the time, it is not too difficult to connect the dots and catch depression early and find ways to treat it- whether clinical help is needed or not.   Despite the fine line between […]

6 Telltale Warning Signs of a Person with Concealed Depression

the Existant
6 Telltale Warning Signs of a Person with Concealed Depression

concealed depression


Depression is just one of those things that can seep into a person’s life without them realizing it. Most of the time, it is not too difficult to connect the dots and catch depression early and find ways to treat it- whether clinical help is needed or not.


Despite the fine line between simple sadness and depression, it is crucial to recognize the signs and take care of the issue at the core and understand the implications of the condition.


However, depression that is concealed is an entirely different ball game from straight out depression. People who are high functioning, multi-tasking, hard-working, and even seemingly motivated and passionate in whatever they are doing, tend to have concealed depression.


In concealed depression, a person either intentionally conceals their depression for the sake of focus and completing tasks and productivity, or subconsciously suppress their feelings of depression due to an innate desire to succeed and inherent anxieties about anxiety.


It is important to acknowledge a problem to reach a solution, rather than ignoring it and allowing it to exacerbate out of control. Depression- concealed or not- is no exception.


In all cases across the board, depression is not something that can be taken lightly or ignored. Whether inherently outright or concealed, depression must be taken seriously and proper steps must be taken to ensure that it is taken care of.


Some warning, telltale signs of concealed depression are…



  • Anxiety about anxiety

A person who conceals their depression, whether deliberately or not, almost always has a subconscious anxiety about having anxiety. Although anxiety and depression are two very different ballparks, the two enmesh when a person’s self-efficacy is marred by worries of one’s own emotions.


A person who is anxious about being anxious, focusing on the anxiety and other emotions they are feeling, will more than likely tend to suppress their depression because of how it feels for them to face the reality of that depression.



  • Abnormal sleeping and eating habits

It is quite clear that a person who is happy will sleep soundly and easily, and eat properly when hungry. A person who is depressed may eat or sleep more or less- but when there is an abnormal fluctuation between sleep times, amounts, and eating habits- it is through a subconscious anxiety of one’s emotions, and usually is a precursor to suppressing and concealing depression.



  • Unintentional social withdrawal

A person who is feeling depressed will naturally feel more reluctant to face people. When one is having difficulty facing their own emotions, it becomes increasingly more difficult to face others and interact with them.


Mustering the strength to interact with others, no matter how much of a social butterfly you might be, requires a level-headedness and a degree of peace and happiness.


Depression can prevent one from socially withdrawing. But unintentional social withdrawal almost always can be linked to a concealed depression. This is because the depressed person does not want to face the facts, or does not even realize their own depression at times, and will withdraw due to an inherent feeling that they can’t quite explain.



  • Feeling ostracized

A person who is dealing with concealed depression will feel more out of place, more ostracized than normal. Naturally, each and every person is unique and different and no two people are exactly alike in every way. In normal everyday interactions, a person who is confident and happy will not have a problem feeling confident in their own selves, and will not feel the need to compare themselves to others.


But when a person is concealing depression, it almost becomes this yardstick of comparison, that a person will feel like everyone is leaving them out, against them, or thinks of them as different. And as good as being unique and different is, concealed depression can lead one to think otherwise- and can lead one to be blinded to the beauties of each individual difference.



  • Desiring extra love and attention

An extension of feeling ostracized is an extra desire for love and attention. True, all human beings have an innate desire for love and affection.


But for those concealing depression, this desire becomes a stronger need and is manifested in many ways- from feeling ostracized, to when feeling more lonely than usual even at times when alone time is healthy, to feeling like no one loves them.



  • Subtle cries for help

All person in need of help give out signs that they need that help. Be it that they don’t show up to plans, or that they spend an entire day slouching around unable to do anything, or if they do not do what is asked of them on purpose or because of a lack of motivation to do so- there are always subtle telltale warning signs that points to a person’s concealed depression.


Because whether a person knows they are concealing their depression or not, a person with concealed depression will want help and ask for it, no matter how indirect or subconscious these cries may be.



6 Telltale Warning Signs of a Person with Concealed Depression

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How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way Mon, 03 Jul 2017 12:17:51 +0000 the Existant
How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way

how to be happy

Happiness is all in the mind. How can you make yourself happy when things just don’t seem to be going your way?

How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way

the Existant
How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way

how to be happy


Happiness is one of the most elusive states of mind in existence. When we are happy, we often don’t realize the extent or value of that happiness until it is gone.


In a way, we don’t know how much something means to us until we lose it- we do not realize the value of something until it is gone.


We feel the lack of happiness- the opposite of happiness- sadness, despair, anger, frustration, restlessness, depression- most when we believe that things are not going our way.


The truth is, I can’t give you a solution or pre-existing or even newly discovered formula for how to be happy. There is no set *way* to be happy.


Like I said, happiness is elusive.


And yet, happiness is in our own hands, our own minds.


The more romantic and idealistic of us try to depend on others for our happiness. Most of the time, people let us down and hurt our feelings. People we think we can trust- break our trust and let us down.


Other times, people who are there for us, people who loves us and whom we love back- rather than letting us down, even their presence is not enough to keep us smiling from the inside.

And this hurts us ourselves, because we want to be happy, we want our loved ones to think they are enough.


And the sad thing is, that the more we depend on anything outside of our own selves, the less handle we will have on our happiness.


It is a normal part of life for things to not go our way. There is always something or the other in our lives that are nto going perfectly. But isn’t that life?


Life is beautiful in its ups and downs, and the only way to truly be happy is to realize that with the hardship, with the difficulty and pain, there is ease.


Happiness is always paired with sadness. Like yin and yang, the sadness inside happiness, and the happiness inside sadness. It all coexists.


But instead of trying to be happy for others, or being happy situationally, we have to train our minds and our hearts to be at peace with our own selves and the situations we are in.


Things will never be perfect. Some days will be worse than others, and in the same way, some days better.


The happiness and sadness comes together. And like I said before- there is no forumula to being happy.


What is the real way to be happy when things don’t seem to be going your way?


My advice from personal experience and advice from a loved one-


The true way to happiness- the true way to be happy- lies within your own self, in your mind and self satisfaction.


You have to keep yourself at peace with yourself. Build your self esteem and confidence, work hard and make sure you are making progress.


If we use the excuse of lack of happiness to prevent us from moving forward, we will simply marinate in our unhappiness until idleness breeds more sadness.


We have to push ourselves to action- do things that make us happy, that make us feel productive, that make us feel like we are making progress.


And we have to be at peace with the fact that not everything will always go our way. The key to truly being happy no matter the situation is to understand this crucial fact.


No matter the situation, there will be ups and downs, goods and bads. IT is when we focus on the goods- when we are thankful- when we realize that our blessings are ALWAYS more than our weaknesses and lacks.


When we focus on the positives and focus on what IS working, what we DO have, our happiness level rises- we are content.


The next time you feel like things are not going your way- stop yourself right in your tracks.


Look at what IS going your way.


See the things that you DO have, rather than the things that you do not.


Once your satisfaction level rises, you can yourself, on your own, fix the things that are not going your way. Even the unfixable can be fixed with the right attitidue.


With the right attitude, you can be happy in any condition, any place.


As long as you are thankful, as long as you focus on what you have over what you do not- the haves will multiple and increase and be much, much more than your have-nots.



How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way

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This Is How You Are Putting Shackles On Your Own Dreams Tue, 21 Mar 2017 10:00:57 +0000 the Existant
This Is How You Are Putting Shackles On Your Own Dreams

dreams, success, achievement

A story on how my dreams chained themselves

This Is How You Are Putting Shackles On Your Own Dreams

the Existant
This Is How You Are Putting Shackles On Your Own Dreams

dreams, success, achievement

I am not here to tell you that your dreams are shackled- that is for you yourself to decide.

Instead, I am going to tell you a story.

My story, actually. Of my own shackles to my own dreams, and how realizing them was the first step forward.


  • My story begins with words.

dreams, success, achievement

You must think I am crazy- words? Don’t all stories begin with words? Aren’t all means of communication just that- words?


Here is a little secret about how words began my life. No, it is not from my first words. It is not the voice of my mother or father, it is


It is the words that I carved out for my dreams. I was a dreamer, I was an achiever. I was a list maker. And in this list-making I sought solace, I sought a plan I could latch my heart onto- a goal. Lists of subgoals and dreams and steps towards my dreams.


Which was nothing of a surprise, I might say. I always saw myself as someone who aims high.


From a very young age, I was an overachieving little mackerel. I always placed my progress and achievement on the highest pedestal, putting anything and everything below just how good I needed to do.


I know not who to blame- my parents for their constant pushing. But who could blame them, I was an impassioned young girl with large dreams and larger talents, and it always seemed like nothing could stop me.


That, is where my dreams began.




  • When I first met the shackles

dreams, success, achievement

One day, I started to compare myself to others, I saw what others were doing and slowly, steadily, I zoomed out of my own achievements. Whatever success I had, no matter what anyone told me or complimented me on, it was nothing to me because I myself felt inadequate, I myself felt like I was not doing enough.


The bar was set almost too high for me too reach, and I knew not how to climb down. But I was laying upside down in an awkward vantage point now, feeling below no matter how high I climbed.


And that, my friends, is how my shackles came into being.


I began to notice a pattern, but I shoved it away as I continued in my downward spiral to nothingness. Nothing made sense to me- nothing even mattered except that I had lost all my potential, all shoved under the sand and washed away on a quiet Sunday ocean tide.


My thoughts would break in twos and threes and I would be sitting on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes clutching my mind- of course I wasn’t clutching my mind it was my head. But it sure felt like my mind, with the intensity of thought, the overflow of emotions.


I had dreams, I wanted dreams. Why couldn’t I see them clearly anymore? Why had I given up so early?


It hit me one day- when someone dear to me told me time and time again, that I am my own person. That my achievements are mine, that every person is going through a struggle, that no social media life is real. I knew all these things, I heard this over and over again but it never quite stuck with me until one day I sat down and gave myself The Talk.




  • The Talk

dreams, success, achievement

This exact Talk right here.


I finally figured out what was preventing me from achieving my dreams.


Interestingly, it wasn’t that I did not want to, or that I did not have the motivation.


I actually felt unaccomplished. And at age 21, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to most.


But being the perfectionist that I was, I had much bigger plans for where I would have liked to been, the goals I would have wanted to reach by now. Knowing I was not there yet was an extreme struggle.


I knew I had my whole life ahead of me, but for some reason this nagging feeling of un-accomplishment prevented me from taking any steps forward.


Rather than motivating me to move forward, it too me two steps backwards.


With the social media raging on with the lives of others, no matter how many times we remind myself that whatever we see of people’s lives on Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat is a lie, a life just waiting to be uncovered.


That smiling couple always posing for picutres? There is a change this portrayal of happiness is all they’ve got.


That girl always hanging out with people looking gorgeous in her selfies? Chances are she is lonely and unhappy, and she gets a high out of the addiction to getting likes to validate her self-worth.




  • The problem?

dreams, success, achievement

Nodding your head in disbelief?


Hear me out.


This is much, much deeper than the simple jealous-factor. Most of us are beyond that.


What the core of the matter is, in truth, is a self-checking mechanism that happens naturally, to ensure we are on the path to our destination.


The problem?


We check ourselves against things that are not just that- ourselves.


Don’t get me wrong, it is important to see how others are fairing to motivate yourself- no doubt.


But what we do subconsciously to shackle our dreams and take them hostage, is to literally take a pair of handcuffs and tie our dreams to what we once thought they would be, and to what others think they will be.


Never mind where we stand today and where others do. We are always taking one step forward, we are always learning, experiencing, growing. Our thoughts themselves are forms of experience that educate us, whether we like it or not.


We are constantly changing. Everyone is always changing in this roller-coaster ride called life, Every aspect of every thing is always changing. Our outlook, our position in the timeline of life and the universe, our relation to others, our mental ideas and moods and God knows what else- everything else.


It is only natural that our dreams change to- and that doesn’t mean dissatisfaction must come along for the ride.




  • The invaluable life lesson

dreams, success, achievement

What I went through may not have included tying my happiness into projecting a fake life. But ir sure did take what I saw of others’ lives, and placed my happiness in the hands of an impossible dream.


I had dreams of greatness, of success, of achievement. Not of fame or money, but of identity, of worth, of purpose, of meaning. I wanted to live a life that meant something for people, I wanted to stand for causes and do things that mattered.


I constantly placed my happiness in this state of never being, looking at what I had not done, what I could have done. Inadvertently, I stamped my future as hopeless.


Even now, I look to my future with uncertainty. But now that I know that my life is not theirs to take, I also firmly believe that there is much more in store for a young 21 year old like me.


My struggle is not different from so many others. But it is worth telling, because it is a struggle that blinds us unless someone is brave enough to call it out when they see it.


I know now that life may not go the way I expected it to go. My achievements may not be exactly what I dreamed them to be. I may not achieve exactly what I charted to achieve. I have achieved, I have taken steps forward. I am not the same person I was before. I am moving forward.




  • Maybe…

Photo credit: photographed by Pressfoto on

Maybe, what actually reaches for us is what achievement is truly defined by.


Maybe, these dreams cannot be defined by other’s lives- let alone other’s fake lives that are framed to us on silver platters on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat. I am my own person.


Maybe, our dreams are not what we dream them to be, but what feel like heaven when we reach them.


I am still on the process of figuring it out for myself.


Just write, I tell myself. Keep making those lists. It don’t matter if most, or even all of it is crossed off tomorrow. Even if I cross it all of the very next minute. I am achieving my dreams as I write each and every list because I am moving forward.


Write your experiences, close your eyes and let the stars and pixie dust merge and form ideas and words on a page that will inspire others.


Tell yourself, as I tell myself. I matter, my thoughts are important. My dreams are important, no matter how fleeting, how changing.


My words will one day matter.


My ideas will one day inspire millions.


And so will yours, if you set your mind free of its shackles.




This Is How You Are Putting Shackles On Your Own Dreams

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9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do! Wed, 08 Feb 2017 18:35:27 +0000 the Existant
9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do!

EASY Ways to Boost Motivation

Having trouble finding the motivation in what you have to do? Read this article for 9 SIMPLE and EASY ways to boost your motivation- in everything that you do!

9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do!

the Existant
9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do!

EASY Ways to Boost Motivation

Having trouble finding the motivation in what you have to do? Read this article for 9 SIMPLE and EASY ways to boost your motivation- in everything that you do!


We have all been there- you have a huge project to do, and very little time to complete it. Despite having everything you need to succeed at your fingertips, you are missing one key, important thing to even get the job started. You have no desire to go forward with the project.


 You have no motivation.


Motivation is a somewhat elusive concept. The darkest of times are when we cannot even be motivated to work on the things that we most enjoy. The sunniest of days are when we are somehow motivated to do the most mundane tasks.


So what gives?

Here are some insights (from personal experience and testimony of others) of how you can mold your own motivation into a piece of art.

With these tips under your belt, you should be able to master the art of motivating yourself for any task or situation.



  • Set a goal that pleases you

If you are working toward a goal that provides no satisfaction to you- not even comfort indirectly in any way, then it is advisable to rethink that goal, or rethink your motivations for that goal. You cannot be motivated towards something that you have no desire or no enjoyment in, the science of motivation in your mind depends on your own personal satisfaction– even if it is in the long run.



  • Imagine that goal

Imagining the goal sets the stage and excitement for your gears to start turning. No matter how far off in the future that goal may be, imagining it allows you to picture the emotions, the excitement, the relief and comfort. The emotions you feel through the endpoint goal is more than enough to fuel  you through the process, and make you desire to get there all the more faster- more efficiently if speed is not an option (yes, you college students!).



  • Set incremental goals

Think of ways your individual steps are leading to that goal and how each one brings you significantly closer to the end goal. By strapping your seatbelt for the long haul and working hard for each incremental goal, you will feel increasing satisfaction with each goal that you reach and pass, moving on to each consecutive marker on your journey.



  • Imagine things that make you happy

Yes, even if you are doing something entirely different than what you enjoy, if you think about things that you do enjoy, or would rather be doing, try an incorporate those emotions into that moment, or even just imagine it all the while. You will be sure to feel a rush of emotions and excitement!



  • Think about what you are doing

This sounds almost like a misnomer, you are thinking about what you are doing, and thinking about it is leading to feel that you are just not motivated to do it! However, think about it deeply, analyze what you are doing on a smaller, more local level than that of the far off dream and aim-point. What exactly are you doing? What are you learning while doing it? How is it helping you further your skills? Think of any positive way it can benefit you, or how it can benefit or make life easier for anyone else. Whatever you are thinking, as long as it is positive, it will not only allow the task on hand to pass, but motivate you to keep on working on it to analyze it more deeply.



  • Working at the right time

You never thought this would be important did you? That’s right- the time of the day, and whether you ate or not plays a big deal in your motivation on a task! Almost always, the early morning is the best time to work, after a nice run and a hearty, healthy breakfast. Of course, if you are a night owl and that works for you, do not fail to take advantage of that opportunity and work to your heart’s desire! Know and understand what works for you



  • Taking care of yourself

In addition to working at the right time, and as an almost extension of that idea- if you do not take care of yourself and your bodily, mental, and emotional needs, you cannot possibly expect yourself to be motivated towards any task, no matter how much you think you enjoy it! This is all on the level of science. Let’s put it this way, if you are not giving your body what it needs to properly function, then your body will not have the energy required to do a task, let alone be motivated for it!



  • Think beyond the goal

The goal is not an endpoint but a stop on the journey of life. Think past the goal and how that goal will aid you in your future. Will it create more opportunities for you? Will it bring you more happiness? Will it bring you another goal? Will it provide satisfaction, and if so, for how long? How can you keep this goal ongoing so you do not lose your motivation



  • Find joy in everything that you do

It’s true, there are many things in life that we dread doing- things we would rather not do and we wish we could just get rid of! A very powerful loophole out of this is to being joy into everything you are doing. Yes- everything! Washing a couple of dishes? Use this as a time to daydream. On a long road trip? Make a game of counting blue cars, or identifying license plates. Sitting in a class that you do not understand how it can contribute to your degree or performance in the workplace? Set aside the notion of studying for a degree for a career for a job to survive. Study for the joy of studying, learn new things because there is so much to learn and learning sparks joy in minds! There is a whole world of possibilities awaiting.



9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do!

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