10 Weird Items You Should Store in Your Refrigerator!

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We all know the basic things that need to be refrigerated for the sake of freshness. Yet, the cool atmosphere of your fridge can be beneficial to many other household products that you wouldn’t expect!


Here is a list of 10 items you could definitely store in your refrigerator- and actually should!


  1. Candles



Candles are known to last longer if they are stored in the refrigerator before burning- the cooling allows the wicks to burn and melt slower!



  1. Batteries

Just as the instructions on batteries’ boxes instruct to store them in a cool, dry place- the low temperature of the fridge can help to prevent electrolyte fluids inside batteries form depleting- giving them a longer shelf life!


  1. Sweaters


Every person who has stored away their sweaters for the summer has experienced the disappointment and frustration in seeing your favorite fall and winter wear chewed up by moths. Rather than investing in mothballs, it can help to store your sweaters in the fridge- or even freezer for a couple of hours or overnight to get rid of all the pesky larvae from your sweaters.



  1. New shoes


Have a new pair of shoes that you really want to wear but are afraid of the breaking in process? Just throw your new pair of shoes in the fridge or freezer- with water-filled plastic bags stuffed in the shoes to allow them to be broken into when the water turns to ice and expands in the process.



  1. Tights and pantyhose

This one may just be a legend- but rumor has it that storing tights and pantyhose in the freezer for a short while extends its lifetime of wear and prevents it from tearing as quickly.


  1. An envelope to unseal


Another random thing to chuck in the freezer- a sealed envelope. You can easily pop open a sealed envelope with a knife or letter opener after placing it in the freezer for an hour or so.



  1. Lipsticks

Lipsticks can go bad after time- and if you don’t use your lipsticks that often and want them to last, storing them in the fridge can prolong its shelf life so that the oils don’t spoil and you can use your lipstick for a longer time!



  1. Foundation

Similar to lipsticks, storing foundation in the fridge long term can prevent its oils from spoiling, and so you can have ready to use foundation for a long time!


  1. Pencil Eyeliner

It seems that a lot of beauty products benefit from being refrigerated- even your pencil eyeliners! To prevent breakage when sharpening your eye pencil- which is quite the common frustration to all pencil eyeliner owners your there- just pop it in the fridge for a while before sharpening!



  1. Eye cream

Another beauty product that benefits from fridge time- eye creams. As not all eye creams can function both as anti-aging creams and anti-puffing- but storing them in the fridge can counteract puffy eyes even if it is not listed as a part of the formula!


What are you waiting for? Start filling your fridge will weird things that actually benefit from fridge time!




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