13 Foods That Are PERFECT For Weight Loss!

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Trying to lose weight? Exercise routine not enough? Can’t figure out what foods to eat? Read NOW for 13 foods that are PERFECT for weight loss!


For some reason or the other, we are all always and inevitably looking to loose some weight at some point in our lives. Most of the time, we get the methods wrong. Almost all of the time, the goal is wrong.


Rather than trying to burn weight and calories through unnatural, extreme exertions, the Earth is full of natural foods that regulate our metabolism and battle weight gain, and work towards a maintained weight.


Start eating the following foods in your daily routine as a supplement to any exercise you may be doing. Not only will you lose weight or maintain weight- whatever your aim may be- but you will find yourself more energized and healthy than ever before!


Here is a list of some awesome foods you can eat to manage your weight- you can eat them in any way that you want, as long as you do actually eat them!



  • Leafy Greens

These include spinach, kale, colliards, and a few others. They have low count of carbohydrates and calories, and have great levels of fiber.



  • Cruciferous Vegetables

These include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. They not only fill the stomach quickly, but are also high in fiber and protein!



  • Beans and Legumes

These include lentils, black beans, kidney beans, and more. These are good for weight loss because they are incredibly high in protein!



  • Eggs

Eating whole eggs is really the best thing you can do to lose weight! Studies show that they are extremely fulfilling and full of protein. They are proven to make you feel full throughout the entire day!



  • Lean Beef

Despite common bad rep, eating UNPROCESSED red meat is actually good for weight loss because it is high in protein- and undeniably very fulfilling!



  • Chicken Breast

Meat in general tends to get bad rep for all the conditions the excess of it can lead to. Rather than eating it in excess, having a good portion of meats, including chicken breast, can really help to lose weight because of the fulfillment in small portions, and high protein!



  • Salmon

Salmon is known for being good as a food for weight loss because it is full of protein and healthy fats- not to mention tons of vital nutrients and vitamins!



  • Tuna

Tuna is not only low on calories, but is very high in protein and is also very fulfilling in small amounts! There is a reason it is called the lean fish!



  • Soup

Obviously, soup is just the mixture of other foods mentioned above with water. Although it seems like there is no difference, studies have shown that there is more satisfaction and feelings of the stomach being full for longer periods of time when eating foods good for weight loss in soup form.



  • Fruit

Some of the best fruit for weight loss are avocados and grapefruit. Other than that, the vast majority of fruits, if eaten in proper portions, are excellent for weight loss and contain the perfect amount of natural sugars! Nothing beats the natural stuff!



  • Nuts

Although they are quite high in the fat-measurement, nuts are not by nature weight-inducing. Eating nuts as a snack in small amounts can curb hunger and prevent entire meals- they are that fulfilling!



  • Whole Grains

Some of the worst weight-inducing foods are grains and breads and rice- and not surprisingly, these are the staples of every meal across the world. Almost every meal is made largely of rice and grains. Replacing white bread with whole grain in more than one aspect can greatly contribute to weight loss- as they are natural and healthier!



  • Yogurt (NOT nonfat!)

In an indirect way, yogurt is awesome for weight loss because it is made of a special kind of bacteria (have you heard of probiotics) that improve your gut’s functioning and this improving not only your immune system as a bonus, but your metabolism rates and your digestion as well!



There are tons of foods out there that are ideal for weight loss, and a few spotlight ones that you eat almost every day and can focus on more than the fattening rice and breads are listed above!


Balance your diet, and focus on different ways of eating foods that are perfect for weight loss to get the results you need- and be healthier and happier in the process!




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