10 FOOLPROOF Ways To Love With All Your Heart- No Regrets

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“The only thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is love”

-Henry James

Love someone so much that your heart overflows with emotion? Don’t know how to express that love! Read for FOOLPROOF ways to express your love with all your heart- no regrets!


As in the words of Henry James, love is phenomenon that we take, take, and take. No one can ever get enough of love, and unfortunately, no one never can give enough love. This common, recurring problem of expressing love is what causes distance, causes argument, and breaks apart people who love each other with such ardor, it is as if they are made from one soul.


It is no joke to say that love is one of the most crucial forms of expression and emotion to human life. The bond, emotion, and connections felt between people who love each other, or by any person who loves another, is unparalleled and cannot be compared to any other.


But to risk losing it all- for inability to properly express and communicate the fire in your heart?


Is is here that the issue arises- wherein with this powerful sense of this emotion comes a lack of understanding. How do we channel such an emotion? How do we show the person that we love just how much we love them?


In other words, how can we make our love tangible, and not lose the one we love to such extremes simply because we do not know how to express our love?


At times the idea of love seems so fleeting that it is almost impossible to pin down. The truth is- love is one of the simplest emotions to express, if you know the right way to express it. Love is more than just physical intimacy, it is more than just being “together”- it is being a team and working together in all parts of life- regardless of the costs.


For fear of becoming too romantic and ambiguous- let’s turn our minds to some practical applications of humanity’s most powerful and driven emotion.  Here is a list of (just a few!) FOOLPROOF ways to channel the love you feel for your significant other, and how to let them know what they mean to you!


  • Be Selfless

Being in any relationship is a commitment to care for the other person more than you care for yourself, and to put them first. This doesn’t mean to neglect yourself entirely- as you can never give love properly if you are not self-sufficient and confident in your own shoes. However, it is important to never be selfish in giving your love. Don’t love to get love, love for the sake of giving love. Give attention, care, and love without expecting in return, and without any personal benefit other han showing the person you love how much you love them!



  • Learn to Compromise

The key to any successful relationship is to compromise. No two people can ever be entirely the same, or agree on every single thing in the most perfect or exact way. For this reason, choose your battles carefully, and learn to decide what comes first. Think about the argument or issue at hand, and decide if it is a deal breaker that you cannot live without winning in it. If you want to keep a relationship going strongly, learn to compromise and cooperate.


This, of course, goes both ways. Meeting each other halfway is always the best thing- and if you and your significant other can compromise on the basis of what means more to the other, and what will not hurt your partner or damage your relationship, then you are on the road to relationship bliss!


There is no better way to express what someone means to you than to make sacrifices and compromise on things that may be important to you. Compromising on certain things shows just how much more the value and importance of your significant other is than many, many other things!



  • Express your emotions

The issue of being unable to express emotion often boils down to ego- or even the inability to understand or come to terms with your own emotions. You love your significant other? Tell them, and show them in every way possible. You are upset at something they say, tell them what you feel and why!


Rather than allowing outside interference- which can severely damage the mutual trust built in a relationship- talk to your significant other about how you feel in a calm manner. Express what you feel and way- communication is key. And more than anything else, constant communication with each other is crucial.



  • Maintain physical intimacy

This is truly a no-brainer. When you love someone, it is almost natural that the next, and often first step is to maintain physical intimacy as a way of showing love. While only using physical intimacy to show love is not quite the best option- it is easy to become almost roommates after some time in a long term relationship. Keep the fire alive to keep the love alive! It does not have to be as passionate as it always was, but maintaining physical intimacy and showing love physically and through even the smallest of actions is the perfect way to show your love!



  • Keep close in EVERY way

It is very common to find that people in a relationship tend to be close only physically, and in romantic ways. In all other parts of life, they keep a distance. However, this is not advisable if you want a relationship to last. Stay close in every way possible. Share each other’s’ worries, pour your heart and emotion to the other person, never allow secrets to come between the two of you. Get rid of all sense of formality- date your partner, work to court your partner no matter how many years go by- but do not ward toward stranger territory if you want your love to be truly tangible.


There are so many ways to define “closeness”- make sure you are close to your significant other in every way you possibly can. Don’t just be lovers- be best friends, be partners, work as a team. Staying close, and keeping your partner close is one of the best ways to express your love.



  • Work together as a team

Based off the point made previously about closeness, working together as a team is worth mentioning separately because of just how important it is in a successful relationship. Rather than considering each other as just together in the sense of physical intimacy, remind yourself that everything you face, you are facing together.


Being in a relationship means to choose each other as partners in life, and not just as a booty call. There is no competition between each other- if one wins, so does the other. Likewise, if one loses, so does the other. To truly show your love to your significant other, include them in every part of your life, and work together with them on both their things and your things as well. Working as a team is probably the most practical way to express your love- and allows your love to grow in almost all directions.



  • Use kind words

No matter how close you become to the person that you love, it is crucial to remember that they do  have a heart that is sensitive- moreso sensitive because of the love between you. It is important for this very reason- if you want to truly express your love- to remember to never speak harshly, and to be kind and loving in your words. It is one thing to show love through your actions and care, but it is another thing to disregard the power of language.


This can even go on to romantic language, but it must be kept as a priority to express your love in kind words in all situations, whatever you wish to discuss or say, no matter how you are feeling. Sure, it is normal to be upset now and then, but learning to control your anger is key in expressing your true emotions of love.


For your significant other who does not have actual access to your heart, your tongue is one gateway to understanding your emotions. If you use your tongue with kindness, your love will be much more tangible. If you use your tongue and speak harshly, it can become almost hard to believe your love, no matter how much you prove it in other ways.



  • Be Understanding

Just as working together as a team is a great way to express your love and make it tangible, so is being understanding and caring. Use empathy to understand your significant other’s problems and situations. This goes hand in hand with compromise. Rather than reading from the surface, delve in deep to your significant other’s emotions, nature, and situation.


Understand at a fundamental level what is in their heart and what is happening with them- because as partners, everything pertains to the both of you, and everything must be solved mutually. To understand is to show that you love and value your significant other to the most basic degree, to every ounce of their soul inside and out no matter what.



  • Listen

It is critical to listen in order to understand- no doubt. But the way in which you listen, and the times that you listen are also key for your partner to receptively sense that you care for them and love them. Listen to not only their words with an open, understanding, and compromising heart– but listen to their moods, their gestures, their physical language, their expressions. Listen to them on the most innate level of listening, and make them feel heart.

There is no better way for a person to feel loved than for them to feel heard– especially if it is on every level! Listening to your significant other shows concern and care, and expresses just how much they are valued!



  • Be Adventurous- Be At Home

Yes- I am quite well aware that this is a paradox. But- contrary to popular belief- life is a series of paradoxes, and over the time you spend with your significant other, you both will experience ups and downs, lefts and rights of all sorts of moods and mindsets. For this reason, it is important to be a source of comfort for your significant other- make them feel at home. Home is a person, home is almost never a place. A house loses its value when the person or people that make it a home are absent.


At the same time, when life is too stagnant, be adventurous! Spontaneously decide to do something you have never done, go to a place that the either or both of you have never gone. Surpass your barriers and reach outside your comfort zones. Expressing love is, quite intriguingly, critical to both being a home and being a partner in adventure. Experiencing both states of mind together, and being at ease with such expression, is a beautiful way to express your love and make it tangible in both experience, and togetherness of action!


Love is the most powerful of emotions- and yet, love is the most simplest of emotions to express. There are hundreds of ways to express your love, and not all of them can ever be consolidated onto one list.


However, if you use the aforementioned FOOLPROOF ways to express your fancy, your loved one will have no doubt of your love and will express their love in return with equal earnest, if not exponentially more!


Sorry Henry James, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that we can express the love that seemed so fleetingly impossible to express, and give more than enough where it is due!


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