3 Ways to Encourage Reading in the Digital Age

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In the recent years, the shift from manual activities that take place face to face, to technologically- centered ways of life has most definitely benefitted humankind in many ways.


However, the most detrimental side effects of living in the digital age are its discouragement of reading. Throughout recent industrial history, the practice of reading is critical to career readiness, success, and intellectual capabilities and strength.


With this comes a threat to the futures of not only our own lives and skill but the lives of those of our future generations.


As impossible as it seems to battle with children and even our own selves to disconnect and force ourselves to read- there are still many ways to encourage and still habits of reading in children and adults alike.


  • Focus on Interests

Reading does not have to mean perusing texts that cause you or your child to snore. All people have topics and genres that intrigue them, interest them. By finding out what topics and genres are most captivating to either you or your child, it can be easier to encourage reading habits and make it a routine.


Besides, the point of reading is not only to practice readiness, but also to explore interests and learn new things.



  • Have Access to Variety- Using Technology!

With all the access to technology, why not take advantage of such tools for our benefit in this digital age? Reading does not always have to mean from a physical paperback text- it can be in any form.


Download a Kindle app, buy an e-reader, download variety of magazine or periodical apps to follow up and read daily. Some apps even come with reminders to read something every single day! Rather than allowing technology to become our downfall, we can take advantage of it and use it for our own good!



  • Find loved mentors and create relationships through texts

 This does not mean texts as in text messaging. Oftentimes, the best of friendships are rooted in a shared understanding and taste in texts- as in novels, articles, periodicals, genres.


For children, this can mean a mentor- an adult or teenager or someone they look up to who they can discuss readings with. For adults, this can mean being part of a book club where one reads and discusses what they have read with their fellow members and can even make new friends- or encourage reading alongside a good friend.




It is critical to remember the importance of reading high-quality texts- be it essays or novels or articles or even blogs- for not only our own lives but the lives of the future generations. Despite the difficulties faced in such practices, reading readiness is pertinent for our future generations.


These future generations- our children and their children- are the ones who will carry forth civilization and be the beacons of light that keep the world growing, surviving, and hopefully thriving, for generations to come.




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