5 Defining Qualities of a TRUE Friend

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Don’t know which one of your friends is a true friend? Want to learn how to BE a true friend? Read for the 5 qualities that define what a TRUE friend really is!


Friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and through a range of closenesses, understandings, and sympathies to you. You can have a childhood friend who knows your every dirty little secret, a newer college classmate who knows your whims and personality but not your depth, a new friend at work who knows what makes you smile and your tone of voice.


Whatever the case, friends are friends- and once you call a person a friend, there are some ground rules you must set out for yourself if you desire to be a true friend, regardless of how close that particular friend is to you through the broad spectrum of friendship defining qualities.


Whether it is to learn how to be a true friend yourself or how to identify a true friend in your midst, here are a couple of qualities that best define who a true friend is!

  • Listening

It is important for a true friend to truly listen- not just to the words spewing out of your mouth, but your tears and body language, understanding what you mean to say and share, and support your thoughts and aid you to the best decision for you. A friend is a true friend when they not only listen with their ears, but with their heart and soul- truly caring and having empathy for you.



  • Accepting YOU for who YOU are

Friends always have differences- even the closes of them. For this reason, it is always best to not overlook differences but appreciate and understand them, and focus on the positives and the similarities. After all, no one is perfect because perfection is subjective- and striving to be perfect in any person’s eyes is a fool’s play. A true friend will understand this and accept you for who you are, differences and faults be damned.



  • Giving true advice

A true friend can only give true advice. They will not allow you to be deceived by your own rose-colored glass, and will ensure that you see things for the truth that they are, given that it will not devastate you. Taking into consideration your emotions, a true friend will give you- whilst balancing what they know about you and the world- the advice that is truly what is best for you, which is not always the most comforting thing for you to hear, but the thing you need to heart the most from someone who cares for you.



  • They make the effort

A true friend is not the one you say every single day- rather, the one who makes an effort to be in your life no matter how hectic life can be. This does not mean to abandon all hope of their own lives- but to balance time and remember you often. This can be a text every once in awhile, a phone conversation, a night out or a brunch at one or the other’s house. Friendship means effort, and sometimes even the tiniest of efforts count, and a true friendship can be maintained no matter how long it has passed since the two of you have been in contact!



  • There when you need them most

It is one thing to care about a friend and show it to them, and another to be there for them when they need it once. In this battle-ridden journey called life, we are all doomed to face tragedy and difficulty one day or another. A true friend is one who recognizes what is tragedy and when you need them most, understanding not only warning signs but making sure to make extra effort, more than usual, to be there for you, be your aid and support when you need them the most.



Whether you have a handful of friends or are acquainted with every person on your block, it is always important to remember who your true friends are, because true friends are the ones who will matter in the long run.



With this short list of identifiers, you can easily discern from among those around you the true friends, and decide how you can be a true friend for them as well!


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