5 GENUINE Ways to Apologize for Your Mistakes!

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Feeling guilty for your mistakes? Don’t know how to put your apology into action? Find out how to GENUINELY apologize for your mistakes!


There are a lot of times- and a lot of reasons- when we find it difficult to apologize for our mistakes. Whether it’s ego, pride, or extreme guilt, we swallow our sorry’s and hope the other person will forgive us without us asking.


The thing is, that unless we apologize, the person whose feelings we hurt or offended is not very likely to know that we were sorry, let alone forgive us instantaneously!


So are you dealing with guilt and know that you need to say sorry, but don’t know how to?


 Here are some genuine ways to apologize to any person for any mistake!


  • Understand the other person’s emotions- put yourself in their shoes!

This might be a no-brainer because in order to even want to read this article you have a substantial amount of understanding to fuel your apology and guilt. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you hurt, understand where they are coming from and how you may have felt in that situation. If you would have felt differently, try to understand it from their perspective. This will help make not only the way you sound when you apologize genuine, but also how you feel as well! Intentions count!



  • Make yourself understand why what you did or said was wrong or hurtful!

This is very strongly connected to the idea of sympathy and empathy. Taking a step back from the other person’s emotions, understand what may have been wrong with what you said or did. Even if there is not much wrong to it, make yourself understand that doing something to hurt another person’s feelings is also immoral! Understanding why something is wrong makes sure you apologize in a genuine way, and brings out your moral insight!



  • Rehearse!

Getting the pre-game jitters! Try rehearsing your emotions and understanding in words that would be helpful. Practice on another friend or family member for good measure! If it is important for your own mental sanity to apologize properly, make sure you have at least one mental rehearsal down to make sure you cover all bases and apologize in a genuine way!



  • Speak from your heart!

If you are truly feeling guilty and remorseful, being genuine and speaking from your heart when you apologize will not be a difficult thing to do! Speak what you feel and show your remorse. Sometimes the pain of the person inflicting pain is worse than the one with the pain- show that you feel what they felt and more! To apologize in a genuine way is to speak from your heart!



  • Be confident and humble

Yes these sound quite paradoxical, but it is true that in apology, confidence and humility go hand in hand. Be confident and genuine- don’t forget the other person’s emotions, but don’t be afraid to speak from your heart. Ironically, guilt is nothing to be ashamed of! Also remember to be humble. You are expressing your guilt, not a success. Know you wronged the other person and use that and keep your head down low.



Us human beings are definitely not perfect, and we make mistakes that are sometimes painful to others, and that directly hurt those around us. Sometimes, even those that we love.



If you truly feel guilty for something you did wrong, following these 5 GENUINE ways to apologize for your mistakes will successfully help you to not only plan and execute your apology, but do it from your heart and come to terms with your guilt as well!




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