5 Reasons Spending Time Outdoors is Good For You- According to Science!

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We are told time and time again that spending time outside is good for your health, and that it has countless health benefits.


Whether you are down and depressed, or feeling a bit sickly, or having weakness- the go to advice for getting out of a rut is oftentimes to soak in some sun!


Nature seems to have that effect- and after hours and hours of staying under fluorescent lighting and man-made artificial air, it seems only fitting to think that after countless centuries and generations of health in the outdoors, that being outdoors is the healthy way to go!


Sometimes, all these home remedies that people suggest to us left and right are questionable, and we wonder about their credibility. After all, what a waste of time it would be if we go through the trouble for something that provides no benefit?


Thankfully, the advice so often handed out to spend time outdoors is backed by science! Psychologists and researchers are continuously uncovering more and more reasons that spending time ourdoors is good for you!


Here are 5 reasons why spending time outdoors is actually good for your health!

  • Nature is a stress reliever!

Being outdoors effects us positively not only physically, but mentally as well. What we experience mentally is the most influential factor in our physical health- mind matters!


In one study, researchers found that there was a significant decrease in heart rate and in cortisol levels- the hormone that identifies stress- for test subjects spending time in the woods when compared to those in the city!



  • The great outdoors- the great energy generator!

Based on other studies, spending time outdoors can actually eliminate fatigue and increase energy levels! By bringing oneself into a natural environment, you can increase your energy levels and change your focus and view from the artificial environments of the indoors!


In a study measuring people’s energy levels while looking at just pictures of the great outdoors,  it was found that the subjects actually experienced an increase in energy by simply looking at a scene in nature- whereas looking at a cityscape produced no effects!



  • Nature brings you back into focus!

Just as going outdoors and even simply looking at pictures of the outdoors can increase energy levels, natural environments have been proved to improve focus and concentration as well!


In one study,distracted workers were given options of leisure in the city and in nature- and those who took walks in nature had significantly higher levels of focus and better concentration and attention spans!



  • The outdoors can battle depression and anxiety!

The outdoors seems to have lasting, incredible effects on all things mental health- in return, this directly impacts your physical health!


In addition to focus, concentration, energy and stress levels,  nature has also been proven to be incredibly beneficial in fighting off depression and anxiety!


In one study[about 10 articles and researched studies about a phenomenon called green exercise was examined, proving that green environments improves not only self-esteem, but also mood- especially for those with disabilities and severe depression and anxiety!



  • Being outside can reduce inflammation too!

The extreme of any inflammation can lead to disastrous effects and health problems, including but not limited to bowel diseases, autoimmune diseases, clinical depression, and even cancer.


One study [found significant decrease in inflammation when elderly patients were sent on a weekend retreat to the woods- and it is the elderly who experience the most heightened cases of inflammation!


The outdoors is Earth’s natural, most effective medicine!


It is no surprise that spending time in nature and in the outdoors has significant positive effects that are even proven by hundreds of scientific research studies.


After all, the human race began as a part of nature, and it was for the most of our existence on Earth that we have lived at one with nature. With the rise of commercial, artificial living have increased the instances, discoveries, and “inventions” so to speak of new, unheard of sicknesses.


If we return to the positives of the natural past whole moving forward with the positives of technological advancements, we can as a human race make the most of our time on this planet!


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