5 Unique and PRACTICAL Practices To Control Anger that ACTUALLY work!

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Do you have regular trouble controlling your anger? Read this article for UNIQUE and PRACTICAL practices that ACTUALLY work to help you control your anger!


Anger is just one of those emotions that we feel all of a sudden and can never control. It sometimes seems as though there are no unique or practical ways to control our anger- or at least no practice that actually work.



When we are angry, we are in a sort of mania that we can barely get out of. But once we recover, the guilt is more than we can bear.



There are hundreds of ways out there to prevent anger or to deal with anger and channel it. Sometimes, these ways turn out to be too difficult and sometimes impossible to bring into action, just because of how uncontrollable our anger is.



So, are there any easy ways to PRACTICALLY control your anger on a daily basis?



The answer is simple:



Even though there are hundreds of basic practices out there to get a hold on your anger, there are quite a few unique and practical ways to control your anger that can work on a daily basis.



So, if you are tired of the endless impractical advices everyone give you to prevent and channel your anger, here are a few unique and practical ways to control your anger that ACTUALLY work!




  • Drink Water

Anger is known as a hot-headed emotion. There is a reason why drinking water can literally cool you down- both physically and mentally! Drink a glass of water slowly, you will feel your anger melt out of you!



  • Change your position!

Sometimes the simplest thing you can do is to change your position. If you are in a mental state while standing or sitting or lying down, the anger will stay with you while you are in that state. If you are standing, sit down. If you are sitting, lay down. If you are laying down, sit up. Changing your position can help to change your emotions, as physical situations impact your mental state and its continuance a great deal!



  • Take deep breaths and count to 10

This may not be as unique, but it is certainly practically. Taking deep breaths can slow down the quick and fast emotions associated with anger. You can think with a clearer head and face whatever it is that made you angry with a better outlook once you slow your heart rate. Focus on your breathing, and count to 10 or 20 or even 30- whatever works for you! Your mind and heart will thank you!



  • Remove yourself from the situation

Similar to changing your position, removing yourself from a situation when you are angry to the point of no return is helpful in redirecting your attention and allowing you a new outlook! Remove yourself from the situation and you can definitely face it with a clearer head once you are calm!



  • Channel your anger in privacy through whatever works!

Sometimes there are things that make us so angry that we can’t quite calm ourselves down, no matter what we practice in controlling it. In these situations, the best thing you can do is express your anger and channel it through another action when in private so you do not have to face any guilt after the anger is out of your system and you are ready to deal with the situation with a clearer head! Scream at the trees, punch a pillow, rip some paper, throw a ball at the wall- do whatever works for you to get that initial anger out of you!

Anger is definitely one of those emotions that make us irrational when it first attacks, and it sometimes is impossible to deal with it practically.



If you practice these unique and practical techniques the minute you feel the onset of an anger reaction, you will surely face less remorse and have to deal with less apologies later!


Your emotions will thank you!


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