7 Bizarre But EASY Tricks To Help You Fall Asleep At Night!

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Having trouble falling asleep at night? Typical remedies not helping you? Read this article for BIZARRE but EASY tricks to help you fall asleep when you need to most!


It is definitely not a joy for me to say that difficulty falling asleep is one of the most common ailments of our present day lifestyle. With the lights and hype of technology, zooming through the fast-lane of modernity it is very hard to unplug and slow down.


However, this is no reason to despair.


Nature is there to provide countless ways to allow our bodies to sleep when we need it most! After all, we need sleep to function most of all!


We all know that having a healthy dose of sleep is critical in functioning our best in our everyday lives. Who enjoys fumbling to work in a half-dazed state drowning in caffeinated movements?


True- we would just love to magically concoct a potion that allows us to snap awake on a moment’s notice, while surviving on well below our doctor-recommended 8 hours of sleep a day, but who’s to say a little remedies here and there can’t do the trick!


Other than the normal remedies ascribed to the ailing sleepless of you out there, here are a couple of bizarre, yet proven tricks that will actually help you fall asleep when you need to most!



  • Power down ALL THE TECH

This is the most obvious of all- and definitely the most helpful. We all know that using technology significantly makes our brains move faster, and consequently, when we are attempting to sleep at night, the glare of the screens does no good to our mind that we are so hard forcing to sleep.


If it is hard to keep laptops and phones entirely out of the bedroom, try keeping them at a distance far from reach from the bed, keep televisions shut off, and attempt to not access them for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Use that time to read or wind down under natural lighting- your body will take its natural course to bedtime. Tech is tech- but it is not in any way natural, or beneficial to your sleep!



  • You are what you EAT- especially before you sleep!

What we eat before sleeping is unfortunately very often overlooked. To the contrary, what we eat before bedtime- even if it is a couple of hours before, can significantly affect how we sleep. No one case is the same, and different people will- of course- react differently to different foods. The best thing to do is monitor your diet and the effects. Make sure to eat at least 2 hours before bedtime, and not eat anything heavy that will leave you feeling bloated, or anything with too much sugar or caffeine that will leave you too jittery!



  • SCHEDULE your sleep

Interestingly, scheduling your sleep sounds like the weirdest thing to attempt. For the majority of us living in the fast lane, it is easiest to get in bed when our work is done, or when we are most tired, or when it is needed or convenient for our waking ours. However, keeping a timed schedule of sleep per day will maintain a good clock within your system. Our bodies are made with natural clocks that function regardless of what you do throughout the day. For this reason, keeping a balanced schedule with minimal interruptions is crucial to sleep hygiene. Instead of going to sleep at 2 am because you have nowhere to be the next morning and choosing to sleep at 10 pm the next day because you have to go to work at 8 am the next day (hint: weekends), balance a schedule that makes all your days productive and makes it easier to fall asleep naturally on the days that you really need to- without unneeded restlessness!


Also, make sure not to fall trap to too many lengthy naps throughout the day, unless it is a part of your schedule and will not interrupt your sleep at night!



  • Get….cold?

Here starts a few of the bizarre things that actually are proven to help you fall asleep. It is not advisable to freeze yourself and become an ice cube, but it will definitely help you to go to sleep. A couple of ways to effectively use this method can be to turn down the heat and use a blanket for natural warmth, and taking a colder shower than you normally would. You can even go commando and sleep with your bare skin!


On the other hand, taking a warm(er) bath or shower than usual causes a drop in temperature as soon as you leave the tub- causing decrease in heart rate that can allow you to fall asleep even faster!



  • Breathing CONTROL

Slowing down your breathing to standard second by second intervals of breathing in and breathing out helps to slow your heart rate and prepare you for sleeping. Also, the focus on your breathing is soothing enough to bring you to sleep! Allocate a decent number of seconds for your inhaling, breath holding, and exhaling respectively, and watch your heart rate drop enough to allow you to drift into dreamland!



  • Think SOOTHING thoughts

Think about things that relax you to divert your mind from the process of sleeping. Do not, however, think about things of stress or tension that will make your heart rate increase, and wake you up even more- making falling asleep all the more difficult! Think about a scene you would enjoy, or being with a person that you love. Even focus on recalling mundane moments of your day- anything neutral or soothing to distract you from the idea of actual sleep.



  • Sleep ACTING

Pretending to be tired can actual have a placebo-effect of sorts on your mind, and slowly power down your body and prepare it for actual sleep. Think back to the days of your parents checking in on you,making sure you were asleep for school the next day.


Regulate your breathing, think about how things are getting darker, imagine your eyes are drooping, imagine you are sinking into a soft, pillowy bed, think about how sleepy you are- even if you are not! The brain can be convinced more easily than you think- you will be actually asleep in no time!


Falling asleep is definitely one of the core issues facing the people of our generation- with the fast pace of our lifestyles and the impediment of technology. Remember to prioritize sleep patterns to make sure your life turns out more successful- even if it means using the most bizarre, unheard of tricks to get you there!




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