9 SIMPLE and EASY Ways to Boost Motivation In Everything That You Do!

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Having trouble finding the motivation in what you have to do? Read this article for 9 SIMPLE and EASY ways to boost your motivation- in everything that you do!


We have all been there- you have a huge project to do, and very little time to complete it. Despite having everything you need to succeed at your fingertips, you are missing one key, important thing to even get the job started. You have no desire to go forward with the project.


 You have no motivation.


Motivation is a somewhat elusive concept. The darkest of times are when we cannot even be motivated to work on the things that we most enjoy. The sunniest of days are when we are somehow motivated to do the most mundane tasks.


So what gives?

Here are some insights (from personal experience and testimony of others) of how you can mold your own motivation into a piece of art.

With these tips under your belt, you should be able to master the art of motivating yourself for any task or situation.



  • Set a goal that pleases you

If you are working toward a goal that provides no satisfaction to you- not even comfort indirectly in any way, then it is advisable to rethink that goal, or rethink your motivations for that goal. You cannot be motivated towards something that you have no desire or no enjoyment in, the science of motivation in your mind depends on your own personal satisfaction– even if it is in the long run.



  • Imagine that goal

Imagining the goal sets the stage and excitement for your gears to start turning. No matter how far off in the future that goal may be, imagining it allows you to picture the emotions, the excitement, the relief and comfort. The emotions you feel through the endpoint goal is more than enough to fuel  you through the process, and make you desire to get there all the more faster- more efficiently if speed is not an option (yes, you college students!).



  • Set incremental goals

Think of ways your individual steps are leading to that goal and how each one brings you significantly closer to the end goal. By strapping your seatbelt for the long haul and working hard for each incremental goal, you will feel increasing satisfaction with each goal that you reach and pass, moving on to each consecutive marker on your journey.



  • Imagine things that make you happy

Yes, even if you are doing something entirely different than what you enjoy, if you think about things that you do enjoy, or would rather be doing, try an incorporate those emotions into that moment, or even just imagine it all the while. You will be sure to feel a rush of emotions and excitement!



  • Think about what you are doing

This sounds almost like a misnomer, you are thinking about what you are doing, and thinking about it is leading to feel that you are just not motivated to do it! However, think about it deeply, analyze what you are doing on a smaller, more local level than that of the far off dream and aim-point. What exactly are you doing? What are you learning while doing it? How is it helping you further your skills? Think of any positive way it can benefit you, or how it can benefit or make life easier for anyone else. Whatever you are thinking, as long as it is positive, it will not only allow the task on hand to pass, but motivate you to keep on working on it to analyze it more deeply.



  • Working at the right time

You never thought this would be important did you? That’s right- the time of the day, and whether you ate or not plays a big deal in your motivation on a task! Almost always, the early morning is the best time to work, after a nice run and a hearty, healthy breakfast. Of course, if you are a night owl and that works for you, do not fail to take advantage of that opportunity and work to your heart’s desire! Know and understand what works for you



  • Taking care of yourself

In addition to working at the right time, and as an almost extension of that idea- if you do not take care of yourself and your bodily, mental, and emotional needs, you cannot possibly expect yourself to be motivated towards any task, no matter how much you think you enjoy it! This is all on the level of science. Let’s put it this way, if you are not giving your body what it needs to properly function, then your body will not have the energy required to do a task, let alone be motivated for it!



  • Think beyond the goal

The goal is not an endpoint but a stop on the journey of life. Think past the goal and how that goal will aid you in your future. Will it create more opportunities for you? Will it bring you more happiness? Will it bring you another goal? Will it provide satisfaction, and if so, for how long? How can you keep this goal ongoing so you do not lose your motivation



  • Find joy in everything that you do

It’s true, there are many things in life that we dread doing- things we would rather not do and we wish we could just get rid of! A very powerful loophole out of this is to being joy into everything you are doing. Yes- everything! Washing a couple of dishes? Use this as a time to daydream. On a long road trip? Make a game of counting blue cars, or identifying license plates. Sitting in a class that you do not understand how it can contribute to your degree or performance in the workplace? Set aside the notion of studying for a degree for a career for a job to survive. Study for the joy of studying, learn new things because there is so much to learn and learning sparks joy in minds! There is a whole world of possibilities awaiting.




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