Always Tired? 5 EASY Ways to Increase Energy Levels!

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5 EASY Ways to Increase Energy Levels!


Being tired is a sickness that we all experience, and it has become normal to feel that it is quite impossible to increase our energy levels in any way. Falling here and there throughout the day, we tend to give up and fall prey to this weakness. Any ideas for increasing energy levels seem too elaborate and complicated.


Is there any way to increase your energy levels in a simpler, easier way than long-wrought out methods that we are simply just too tired to attempt?


The truth is simple:

There are plenty of quick and easy ways to increase energy levels for the average tired panda.


Here are 5 easy, and natural ways you can increase your energy levels on a daily basis- that do not include artificial energy drinks!




  •    Quick Exercise Routines

This may seem counterintuitive, but it is quite true that exercising regularly increases stamina and energy levels. If you are too tired to start an elaborate routine, you can easily put in between 10-20 minutes of exercise and different points of the day. Take a quick run around the block, get on the treadmill, do 20 sit-ups or squats- whatever you can squeeze in and motivate yourself to do!



  • Taking Vitamins

The extreme amount of processed foods we intake leave out many crucial nutrients to our energy levels. You can get a blood test and see if your chronic fatigue is linked to any deficiency and take whatever supplements the doctor recommends. Some general energy-boosting vitamins include iron and vitamin D- if you want to get started on your own!



  • Altering Your Diet

Our bodies rely on proper intake and diet for survival. If you are surviving on pizza and chocolate, there is no doubt that what you are eating is not giving you what you need to have the proper energy levels to get through the day. Look up foods rich in vitamins and nutrients that are crucial to energy, especially natural foods such as fruits and veggies! Make your snacks full of healthy munchies, to make sure that you are filled with energy, rather than sloth!



  •  Power Naps

Never underestimate the power of a power nap! Sometimes even if we get enough sleep, a long, busy day tires us out and makes it practically impossible to move onto the next task without falling over. Taking a quick 15-20 minute power nap (even if you do not fall fully asleep!) is important in regaining energy levels and preparing your mind to face the rest of your day’s activities!



  • Get Out of Bed!

Most of the feelings of tiredness come from the very first minute of our days. The second you wake up, the minute you hear your alarm- sit up strait. If you continue to lie down, flip through your phone, or mope in your bed for more than 5 minutes, your body will fake you into thinking you are tired. Get out of bed right away, or your body will trick you into thinking you are tired for the entire day!



There are endless ways to increase energy levels if you are always tired. Finding easy ways are difficult- but if you use the above listed EASY ways to increase your energy levels, you are sure to face many action-packed, energy filled days in the future!


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