Cure Your Procrastination in 3 EASY Steps!

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Having trouble getting your work done? Can’t seem to even get yourself started? Read this article for 3 EASY steps to cure your procrastination once and for all!


Procrastination has become such an innate part of our daily lives, that we almost actually believe ourselves that we work better under pressure- when in reality, we would have worked just as well in the extra time allotted to us.


We often find ourselves in the situations where any free time we get is used for “relaxing”. When we have a due date, we assume the latest possible time is the best possible time, and we delay our tasks until then.


What we don’t realize, is that the entire time we are procrastinating, we are in a mode of tension, worrying about the tasks to be done and endlessly calculating the task we need to do. Not only that, but the morning your assignment is due and you are whizzing away on your laptop while inhaling your breakfast, you are putting even more stress on yourself and barely giving proper attention to the task at hand.


Is such futile stress- so tantalizingly avoidable- truly necessary?


Why not avoid such haphazardness and allow some time of relief and rest after the fact, rather than pushing it forward and being in a tension zone throughout our prolonged and fake sense of rest?

Here are quick, easy, and IMMEDIATE ways to get rid of procrastination that can be practiced in, almost literally, every part of life!



  • Scheduling and Pacing

Make sure that you create a schedule of when things are due- like a monthly or even weekly calendar. Once it is all mapped out- (mind you, the second you get a task map it out!)– plan in advance on how you will pace yourself! Pacing your actions makes sure that you do not have to cram it all at once- as cramming in the start and the finish is both equal. Take time out here and there to complete tasks as their deadlines approach.



  • Start RIGHT AWAY

When you get the feeling that you can start, you should do just that- START. When we start to think about other distractions, opening social media and any other thought that can whisk us away to wonderland, put an end to the useless actions right there and start, regardless of how you feel. Once you force yourself into the action and get the drum rolling, you will no doubt fall into the flow of the task and not leave it until it is done- even if it just the portion you allocated for that day!



  • Leave NOTHING for tomorrow

If you keep leaving it until tomorrow, you will not be doing it until the DUE date- which is contrary to our aim and the worst case scenario in chronic procrastination! Rather than falling to the desire of tomorrow and continuing to the next episode on Netflix, pause it and start your work, follow your pacing schedule. You will appreciate resuming to your binge-watching once your allotted work for the day is out of the way, and you are one step closer to completion for the deadline!


Curing procrastination is truly easier than one can imagine. It takes a little bit of determination and a lot of action. But in the end, the result is always worth the struggle. Getting past procrastination seems like a difficult path to tread but once you reach the destination, you will be done with your tasks way before due date, with time left to breathe and spare.



BONUS: If you really need the extra boost to push yourself to the action, set up a reward system of what can really satisfy you when you are done. Whether you do so or not, the reward of completing a task, and even portions of a task, before the deadline is an incomparable reward of mental relaxation!




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