Ever Wonder What its Like to be a British Royal? 10 Royal Restrictions Meghan Markle Will Face Once She Says “I Do”

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After the royal wedding, there was no doubt that Kate Middleton was transformed and is now a well-groomed and trained member of the British Royal family. With another royal wedding on the way on May 19th, 2018  to be exact), it is quite obvious that many of the inner fangirls around the world who were raised admiring princesses, can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be one.


As fabulous and luxurious the status of being a princess or being the part of a royal family might seem, its not all glitz and glamor in the end. Life is pretty restrictive in the royal family of Great Britain- and the Netflix series “The Crown” does a great job at shedding some light on this life.


Besides the luxury of the life of a princess, what are other things that royals must deal with on a daily basis? Here are some royal restrictions that Meghan Markle will have to face once she says “I Do”!



  • No More Selfies

This, by far, is at the top of the list because it is possibly one of the most difficult. An avid social media star- one who loves to post and interact with her fan base, it will become quite difficult for Markle to stop taking and posting selfies! The Queen herself has stated that selfies seem “disconcerting” to her- this may be the reason for this rule!



  • Going out in public completely alone

This is most likely for safety protocol- but once married to a royal, you are a royal and have to follow the rules of a procession and traveling, especially who to travel with and when. She will have security with her wherever she goes.



  • Giving autographs

As such a prominent actress from “Suits” and her political work in NGO’s, it will become difficult for Markle’s fans to get her autographs. For this reason, any preexisting autographs of hers will possibly multiple in their value greatly!



  • ‘Gramming and Tweeting

After marriage, Markle will be joining William, Kate, and Harry on their shared Instagram page @KensingtonRoyal to share their achievements in their charity work and other event updates.



  • Vote

After becoming a British citizen, Markle would be able to vote- and although it is not forbidden by law for Royals to vote, it is deemed unconstitutional for any Monarch to vote in an election. Although this directly applies to the Queen, it is unclear how much this applies to other members of the Royal family.


This also applies to expressing political views. After maintaining quite a strong standpoint and voice politically, it will be a clear change for Markle to have to restrain speaking up. Good thing there is other charity work she is permitted to work on and support!



  • Carry giant purses

It is unclear whether or not this is a rule- but not a single lady of the royal family has ever been seen carrying a large purse- only clutches. Not Princes Diana, nor Kate. Is it a rule? Is it the lack of needing to do so? One can only wonder. It will have to wait to be seen!



  • Wear colorful or dark nail polish

Although this seems a simple wardrobe and style choice, the wardrobe choices of every Royal- whether close to the throne in succession or not- is very specific and supposed to be conservative as per respect to the Church and the status of those related to the Crown. Only natural colors are allowed via protocol.



  • Cross her legs while sitting

The special seating etiquette of side-tilted legs will have to be mastered by Markle, just as it has been by Kate!



  • Going to bed before the Queen

This seems quite obvious- out of respect for the Crown. However, this is of course only when sleeping in the same house as the Queen. Seems doable, with the Queen at such an age!



  • Sit wherever she wants, or enter a room whenever she wants

With the line of succession there is a protocol for those entering a room in the order that is assigned to them- and when sitting at an event, each seat is calculated and planned based on- not to say importance as the best word- but status.



For better or for worse, till death do they part! It may be a difficult thing to let go of some of these things that are against Royal protocol- but it’s all good in the name of love!




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