Have a Healthy, Hearty Breakfast- Without Waking Up Earlier!

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Have a Healthy, Hearty Breakfast- Without Waking Up Earlier!


In the raceway of live in nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to skip breakfast in the morning hullabaloo- let alone a healthy, hearty breakfast. Despite knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we overlook breakfast simply because of deadlines and waking up late.


Although there are many ways to ensure you have a proper breakfast such as waking up early and adjusting your sleep schedule to make time, we all know that it is sometimes impossible to do so.


So is there any possibly solution where we can not skimp on sleep or worse- adjust our entire schedules- where we can have a hearty, healthy breakfast on the run!


The answer is- yes- we can easily make do with the time we have and make sure we leave home with a satisfied stomach!


Here are a couple of hearty, healthy breakfast ideas that you can have on the go in your morning rush!


  • Yogurt, Fruit, Granola

Any combination of yogurt, fruit, and granola can be a healthy option for you in the morning! With the probiotics that support your immune system in yogurt, to the all-around vitamin goodness of fruit and the natural essence of granola, there is no denying that the quickness of combining these three along with the appeal and taste has no competition!



  • Boiled Egg

We always hear that the best possible thing you can eat in the morning is an egg. This being true- it of course takes some time to make an egg. Yes, it doesn’t take long to make an egg and scarf it down, but with the time crunch of our busy schedules, sometimes a fried egg can’t cut it. Set an egg to boil while getting ready, and it will be ready to peel on the way out! It is quick, easy, and provides you with energy you need for the day! Put it on bread with some mayo, salt, and pepper to amp the taste!



  • Recycled Sandwiches

There are always leftovers in the fridge- be it of a curry from the night before, some turkey or boiled chicken- you name it! Warm it and slap some onto a bread and you have yourself a full breakfast to get you through the day!



  • Instant Oatmeal and Milk

Avoiding cereals and granola bars for the obvious reasons of them being terribly processed and sugar-laden, oatmeal, even when instant, is the better, healthier, and more natural option. Quickly warm a cup of instant oatmeal and fill it with milk. Milk is always an amazing option, it can serve as an entire meal with just a side of oatmeal!



  • Dates

More popular in the Middle East, dates are not as common in the West, but can still be easily found in your local markets. Thousands of years ago, desert nomads would survive on a single date for the entire day! With their long laborious days in the scorching sun, a single vitamin packed-date would contain enough energy for them!


We all have heard countless of times just how important it is to have a healthy and hearty breakfast. However, with our daily time crunch we tend to ignore this fact and continue with our busy schedules and ignoring breakfast as the most important meal of the day.


Try any of the above quick and easy breakfast ideas that are not only easy, but healthy and hearty! There are countless options out there, but these are definitely suited to your busy schedule and health needs, if that is what you are looking for!


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