How to Be Happy When Things Don’t Seem to Be Going Your Way

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Happiness is one of the most elusive states of mind in existence. When we are happy, we often don’t realize the extent or value of that happiness until it is gone.


In a way, we don’t know how much something means to us until we lose it- we do not realize the value of something until it is gone.


We feel the lack of happiness- the opposite of happiness- sadness, despair, anger, frustration, restlessness, depression- most when we believe that things are not going our way.


The truth is, I can’t give you a solution or pre-existing or even newly discovered formula for how to be happy. There is no set *way* to be happy.


Like I said, happiness is elusive.


And yet, happiness is in our own hands, our own minds.


The more romantic and idealistic of us try to depend on others for our happiness. Most of the time, people let us down and hurt our feelings. People we think we can trust- break our trust and let us down.


Other times, people who are there for us, people who loves us and whom we love back- rather than letting us down, even their presence is not enough to keep us smiling from the inside.

And this hurts us ourselves, because we want to be happy, we want our loved ones to think they are enough.


And the sad thing is, that the more we depend on anything outside of our own selves, the less handle we will have on our happiness.


It is a normal part of life for things to not go our way. There is always something or the other in our lives that are nto going perfectly. But isn’t that life?


Life is beautiful in its ups and downs, and the only way to truly be happy is to realize that with the hardship, with the difficulty and pain, there is ease.


Happiness is always paired with sadness. Like yin and yang, the sadness inside happiness, and the happiness inside sadness. It all coexists.


But instead of trying to be happy for others, or being happy situationally, we have to train our minds and our hearts to be at peace with our own selves and the situations we are in.


Things will never be perfect. Some days will be worse than others, and in the same way, some days better.


The happiness and sadness comes together. And like I said before- there is no forumula to being happy.


What is the real way to be happy when things don’t seem to be going your way?


My advice from personal experience and advice from a loved one-


The true way to happiness- the true way to be happy- lies within your own self, in your mind and self satisfaction.


You have to keep yourself at peace with yourself. Build your self esteem and confidence, work hard and make sure you are making progress.


If we use the excuse of lack of happiness to prevent us from moving forward, we will simply marinate in our unhappiness until idleness breeds more sadness.


We have to push ourselves to action- do things that make us happy, that make us feel productive, that make us feel like we are making progress.


And we have to be at peace with the fact that not everything will always go our way. The key to truly being happy no matter the situation is to understand this crucial fact.


No matter the situation, there will be ups and downs, goods and bads. IT is when we focus on the goods- when we are thankful- when we realize that our blessings are ALWAYS more than our weaknesses and lacks.


When we focus on the positives and focus on what IS working, what we DO have, our happiness level rises- we are content.


The next time you feel like things are not going your way- stop yourself right in your tracks.


Look at what IS going your way.


See the things that you DO have, rather than the things that you do not.


Once your satisfaction level rises, you can yourself, on your own, fix the things that are not going your way. Even the unfixable can be fixed with the right attitidue.


With the right attitude, you can be happy in any condition, any place.


As long as you are thankful, as long as you focus on what you have over what you do not- the haves will multiple and increase and be much, much more than your have-nots.




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