Learn Something New EVERY DAY

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Mind feeling stagnant? Want to learn something new but don’t know how? Read this article for practical and easy ways to learn something new, EVERY day!


Too often do we brush off education as a thing that is only done in schools and universities- when we are actually learning something new everyday. Once you are out of school, it feels like there is no time to learn something new. And, once you stop learning, the brain stagnates and seems to fall asleep. There is really no other joy than learning something new, even if it is something not from a textbook or not assigned in a syllabus.


Tired of learning textbook material? Feeling your brain stagnate? Want a way to learn something new, even if small, about anything at all, every single day?


Well, you are in luck! There is a multitude of ways to learn something new, every single day!



Here are just a few ways that you can learn something new every day:



  • Keep a daily journal of your day’s best thoughts

Throughout the day, our minds are always working on something or the other. Keep track of inspirational thoughts or things worth thinking. We are always learning and we don’t often realize it.


Keeping a daily journal not only allows you to record and keep track of what you are learning every day, but once you get in the habit of the daily journal, your mind will prompt you with ideas throughout the day to prep you for the daily journals! There is really no losing!




  • Look up anything that comes to your mind

Hundreds of thoughts run through our minds every single day. Have any thought or question about something that is irking you, or interesting you? Don’t just leave it as a mystery- Google it away, and research to the best of your ability!




  • Read often

Any written form of language is carrying a type of knowledge, Even if it is something we already know, it is possible for it to simply be a rewording. Read whatever you can get your hands on! Newspapers, books, signs, headlines, you name it!


This can even include your Facebook news feed! Knowledge doesn’t always have to be true- almost everything is subjective! As long as you get your hands on something unique, you are exercising your mind!




  • Introspect

This is perhaps one of the key ways of learning something new, every single day. We don’t leave our minds empty enough anymore- and if we do, our minds are emptily watching Netflix, filling our minds with TV shows and movies. While those are a source of learning in an entirely different realm, sometimes we forget that thinking and immersing ourselves in thought is a critical and beautiful way to learn!


We can learn about ourselves, or about the universe, or reach conclusions we never thought we could! Think of it as exercising your brain’s muscle to make it stronger. Take a walk in the woods, lay in a cozy place and close your eyes- even engage in conversation with someone intelligent. All of these stimulate the mind! Newton didn’t read his laws anywhere- an apple fell on his head, and he thought.



There are many ways out there to learn something new every day- and these are some simple habits you can instill in your everyday life to make sure that you actually do learn something new!



Your mind will be refreshed, and you will feel purposeful again! There is no such thing as enough knowledge- it is one of those things that we will want and continue desiring till the day that we die!



Establish any of these habits, and find that you are actually learning something new every single day!


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