Netflix Launches A Personal Trainer That Makes Sure Your Binge-Watching Has No Chill

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could be forced to lose calories while we binge-watch our favorite TV shows on Netflix?


With this new “Netflix and chill” way of life, it seems that everywhere you turn, people are turning to Netflix for binge-watching and laziness-induced practices. Rather than doing something productive or staying fit, this cultural standard pushes for laziness and inactivity- leading to weight gain and health problems.


Even if people try to exercise, their binge-addictions come in the way of setting up an exercise routine.


What if I were to tell you that our go-to streaming outlet of today has found a way to merge both exercise and binge watching- removing the “chill” from “Netflix and chill” and give us our favorite characters as personal trainers to meet our fitness quotas?


Netflix’s “Make It” initiatives produce all sorts of new Netflix-related projects each year. The newest addition to this campaign is the Netflix Personal Trainer.


This Personal Trainer initiative is a do it yourself/modify to your needs personal trainer that you can adjust according to your needs and exercise routine. Even the trainer his or herself is modifiable and depends on your own choosing!


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to burn a few calories while binge-watching their favorite TV show?


Here are some highlights of Netflix’s newest feature:


  • Published Instruction Guide:


Netflix published an instruction guide  to help you personalize, modify, and use your very own personal trainer on your Netflix account.


Before getting started, it is an absolute must to read this guide and learn more from the creators of the personal trainer themselves.


This guide includes everything you need to know to get started on your personal trainer. It outlines and shows you what exactly the personal trainer is, how it works, how to use the personal trainer, how to personalize, and the uses and application of this initiative.



  • Personalized Character Trainer


The detailed instruction guide also includes how to modify and personalize your trainer. Yes, there is a trainer. The first I heard of this initiative, I expected it to be a simple system where the amount I exercised correlated with the amount that I was allowed to watch. What I did not expect was that there would be actual character voices from Netflix original series- 14 character choices  to be exact- that you can personalize and choose to be your ACTUAL trainer in the “Netflix and Exercise” process if you are plugged in!


You can choose your personal trainer from three different categories of motivation- tough love, positive reinforcement, or comic relief.


It’s easy as choose your favorite character voice and plug in with your exercise routine! Titus Andromedon from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Pablo Escobar from Narcos, and even Queen Elizabeth from The Crown are just a few of the options available!


  • Motivational Talk


Naturally, our binge-watching nation is so not prepared for an innovation like this, and with the likes of a system that is found in many other apps that control our phone or TV time while connected to our exercise machines, Netflix’s personal trainer comes with motivational phrases in the voice of your favorite character.


The most awesome part of this is the fact that rather than standardized motivational phrases, each character voice says things in their own style, through their own identities.


Is Pablo Escobar your guru? Tune into his voice and words of wisdom. Do you find inspiration in Queen Elizabeth? Select her character trainer for “A revolution must come from within”.


Whoever you choose from the 14 options, there is no doubt that your choice will speak to you in their own way!



  • Do-It-Yourself Device


As outlined in the instruction guide, Netflix allows you to put settings for your exercise routine, and your target. The next step after putting in your settings is to prepare your device so you can plug in.


The device in itself is not something that you need to buy to connect- that would have been a terrible gimmick that may not have attracted many customers. Instead, the do-it yourself device connects to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth, and can be made at home.


Once you are connected, the device uses an accelerometer to monitor your speed and how hard you are working out- and if it is keeping up with your target settings.


Of course, some hardware know-how will be needed (hint- you may need to learn how to solder!) to put together the device, which Netflix provided in a personal trainer materials guide here.



  • Plug In and Earn Your Binge-Watching!


This is, of course, the practical side of the coin. Of course the character voices and stylized motivational phrases are all good and fun. The real agony begins after you modify your settings and exercise rate.


As soon as Netflix (or, your chosen personal trainer character that is) senses your exercise rate has dropped below your target have stopped exercising completely, it will stop the playback. It will mute the audio, play motivational phrases from the character you chose, and will eventually stop the playback entirely.


Not only will it stop the playback, but it will not let you watch until you start exercising again, and reach your modified settings for your target exercise routine.





This innovation definitely seems like a turn-around from the weight-gaining, laziness-inducing culture brought about by Netflix as a way of life.


It is quite possible that it can actually be a motivating factor in exercising while binge-watching- if you even venture out to bother yourself to set an exercise routine for yourself, that is!


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