New Year, New You? 4 Ways to Set Attainable and Practical Goals for 2018

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Its that time of the year again. Every person is rushing to come up with a list of things that they need to make sure that the New Year comes off to a great start.


Be it resolving to start a new fitness regiment, or a new diet, or a goal to lose some weight, or personal goals in emotional or mental growth or improvement, or promises to oneself to complete something- the possibilities and contesting resolutions are endless.


The majority of the times, it seems almost as if we use the occasion of the New Year as the only time to set new goals for ourselves. Which, as a matter of fact, we end up chucking when it doesn’t seem to work- only to abandon any hope of new goals until the next year.


Whereas there is nothing wrong with setting goals and having new years resolutions- it is a great occasion to set your mind to dedicate yourself to an important goal to change your life for the next year- we tend to focus only on the goals, and not the means for ensuring those goals are reached, or rather their practicality.


The first step in achieving any goal is to set them practically. Here are 4 ways that you can ensure any goal that you make is attainable and practically dedicated to.



  1. Have a plan


No goal, no matter how specific or broad- can be attained without an action plan. Some people go with the advice of making your goal broad so that you may attain it at some point in the spectrum- while others like to say to make your goal specific, so guidelines in attaining that goal are simpler.


The best advice you can get is a good plan. No planning is ever enough



  1. Follow up and update along the way!



As awesome as plans are, it is never good to be too dependent on plans. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, yet happen as they are meant to. That is the beauty of life. We are constantly changing- our circumstances, the things we want, the things we need, the situations we face, the people we become.


Yet, that doesn’t mean that you abandon those plans completely and throw our hands in the air without any hope for new goals until the new year- continuing the vicious cycle once again. Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, the best approach is to repeatedly follow up on that plan based on your circumstances and your own self. Feel flexible enough to tweak your resolutions and plans along the way as you change and grow, so that it stays relevant!


Technology makes advancements much sooner than a year passes by- as human beings, we can only expect that we will be mentally updated and grown even sooner than that!



  1. Don’t be afraid to set resolutions mid-year, short-term, or longer term!




Hand in hand with the beauty of the New Year as being an awesome opportunity for resolutions and goal makings, comes the danger of thinking of this as the only time.


And in addition to this, comes the threat of changing, as we all know we will- not always at the strike of the New Year might I add- and causing our plans to be left in the dust. And thus another year passes without improvement or structured, planned change from within.


If we take a step back and think about the concept of a year, or days and months and weeks- it is interesting to note that before properly established civilization, there was no automatic assigned time through nature that each year starts. The timing of the year can be based on solar or lunar cycles, and more than one calendar exists in the planet. For the lunar calendar, the start of the year changes in relation to the solar Gregorian calendar that the world follows in general.


Taking this into mind, it can be said that every day is a new day and a new year, that each day can possibly be the start of the new year- and the new year that we celebrate is quite as arbitrary as the day one becomes sick or decides to go to the mall.


For this reason, we have to remember that no goal should be restricted by a year. Nor should we expect our goals to be completed within a year. Or that we can only have one goal per year. Or that we can’t start a goal midyear and end it after the new year. The list goes on and on.


Point being, set your resolutions any time, anywhere! There is no restriction to growth, and we should be free to pursue our dreams and dedicate ourselves to our own growth and development whenever passion strikes, with no restriction on arbitrary beginnings!



  1. Believe in yourself




Last but not least- and certainly the most important- is to remember to believe in yourself. You can never be a new you in a new year, or in a new month or new week or new day if you do not believe in yourself. Whatever goal you may be setting for yourself- be it small or medium or large, near sighted or far-reaching, short term or long term, you can never achieve it unless you believe you can.


Whatever you decide to resolve for the New Year, remember to resolve to believe in yourself before everything else. With such a belief at your belt, there is nothing to limit or stop you from achieving every plan and dream that may come along the way!




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