Your Parents Then, You NOW: The Generation Gap

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Ever feel like the generation between your parents’ and yours is too wide to bridge? Read for some outright comparisons that should tickle your ponder-bones!


It is totally inevitable that almost every generation feels the strains and differences from the upbringing, expectations, and standards of the generation before them.  Your parents and elders seem to have a certain expectation of how you should grow up. You, on the other hand, feel that times are different now, and you need to be brought up with the time.


Sometimes, the generation gap feels all too real.


Does your parents’ generation and your generation feel as different as apples and oranges? Here are some stark oppositions to shed some light to the situation! It’s worth thinking about.



  • Parents vs. You

Here is the basic ultimate battle. No matter what, the laws of science dictate that your parents will always be a generation or two above you, no questions asked. The battle starts here, knowing that you actually ARE two different generations.



  • Conservative vs. Liberal

Isn’t it odd that the world- the more modern it becomes- the more libreral-er it is getting? From humble beginnings to egotistical end? That’s not a good sign. Or is it? Can it work the other way around? I’m pretty sure there are many ways to draw the line between the two!



  • Mature vs. Immature

Pfft, come on mom and dad. Of COURSE you are more mature than we are! You ARE older than us after all! Oh…do you mean at our age? Is 30 the new 20? …Sorry? But you can be the mature ones!



  • Curfew vs. Partying All Night

For some reason, happy lives were always linked to chastity…? Staying late doesn’t do much, it makes us feel YOUNGER in comparison to just how OLD mom and dad feel! Don’t you dare bring up rape. Or abduction. Or any other scary things that happen at 3 am after a drunk party. Carpe Diem, mom! Sieze the day! You only live once!



  • Selflessness vs. Selfishness

This can definitely be flipped sideways. A generation of so-called selfless people was pretty racist before some of the more recent flows of immigrants. But today? Seeing people stand up for other’s rights who are a different color than you? That must be driving you old-timers bonkers!



  • Healthy Food vs. GMO, Artifical Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Red Dye….

The list really does go on and on doesn’t it? This is something we can’t seem to beat, except that the trash actually tastes good, feels good, and keeps us coming back for more! There is nothing like addiction to keep an economy running! The Earth’s economy is at an all time low, they don’t seem to be getting business from the whole-ness and fill your stomach in one shot plot!



  • Focused vs. Unfocused

They worked hard, worked double or triple shifts, studied, went to classes, fought for a career when they didn’t have the money. What are we doing? Loaning the rest of our lives away for some party filled nights and high-class dorms. Living the life until we have to pay!



  • Nature vs. Technology

Sure, they saw the dawn of technology, but we are seeing the death of nature as we speak! Its not like the glaciers in Antarctica are important for our survival, neither are trees! We can live without oxygen, the next iPhone claims to provide it! Live, Love, Machines. Kill Trees.



  • Monogamous vs. Polyamorous

We seem to love everything these days, whatever makes our hearts beat a little faster. Forget the same gender, we are talking inanimate objects here! But who are we to judge? It’s not like we have the natural human race to continue or need a family to tie us down, we are a generation of free and appropriated love!



The generation gap is really, all too real. Can identifying only a small handful of the differences really help? That, my friends, is the unanswerable question!


Jokes aside, either side can be attributed with either sentiments- we are all victim to our subjectivities! How true it felt to you can say a lot about you and the particular generation before you!


It is a big wide world, and every Joe is not Shmoe! That is to say, everyone is different!


Take the information and do with it what you may- you may find it to ease relations and better yet, compromise between the two!



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