Read This Article NOW- Water Is More Important Than You Think!

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Don’t know why water is so important? Read this article NOW to find out just how important water really is- which is much more than you think!


In the modern lifestyle today, only too often do we brush aside the importance of water in our lives. We face such a wide variety of health issues that, attempting to solve them with a tremendous scope of medications. But sometimes, we wonder- is there any natural way?


The truth is, we ingest so many genetically modified foods, and drinks that are so sugar-ridden and made of artificial ingredients and dyes that our immunity is down the tubes.


Unfortunately, with the type of food available on the shelves and in the market, it seems practically impossible sometimes to go entirely organic- with the organic market at times minting money under its titles to attract our fed up consumers, selling without having true value!


Are we without hope?


The fact of the matter is, there is one magic natural substance that, though altered and available in many forms, is still so critical to daily life that we can find it easily in an almost pure form (chlorine exists, but bacteria is gone).


This so-called magical substance that does wonders- and keeps us alive- is water!


All too often we grotesquely misrepresent the importance of water, and why keeping up to date with the 8 glasses of water a day principle is critical in preventing many illnesses as well as keeping us up and running!


Here are some reasons that water is so very important- much more important than you might think!


  • Water is life

Water is the source of all life. When NASA looks to outer space in hopes for new life, or the possibility of life- as seen in many science fiction movies out there- the first thing they look for us water. Water is the basic building block of survival, and a person can live for a week on just water without any food, whereas a person can die of dehydration living without water for just 2-3 days!



  • More than half of your body is water!

That’s right, the majority of our body is made of water! 85% percent of our brain is made up of water, 80% of our blood is made of water, and 70% of our muscles are made up of water! On average, around 50-65% of your body is made up of water! With constant relieving of oneself, and the way water filters through bodily functions and systems, it is almost crucial to replenish water supply to keep our body going!



  • Water is critical to bodily functions

Water is critical in almost every single bodily function you can think of. Even the smallest percentage of water lowering in your body- as little as only a 2% drop- can foggy up your short term memory! Among some of the important, life maintaining processes that require water for proper processing include the absorption of nutrients from your food, chemical reactions inside your body, and proper digestion. With the blood being made up of so much water, is no wonder that for all vital bodily functions where transport is needed, water plays a key role!



  • Water removes toxins

When your food is digested and the waste needs to be removed, it is water that removes these toxins from the body in the end. When we fill our stomachs with too much food and not enough space for water, then our body stores the fat without metabolizing it- leading to weight gain. A good rule of thumb is to keep your stomach ⅓ full of food, ⅓ of water, and ⅓ of air. With the equivalence of water and food, the water is then used to help metabolize the extra fat and maintain healthy body weight!



  • Water regulates temperature

It is no coincidence that when you are hot, your body perspires and leaves you sweaty. This is because when the body overheats, it lets out “water” (read: sweat) to cool the body temperature down to normal. This is why it has become so normative and almost unquestionable to keep yourself hydrated in the heat or when exercising, because you are losing just as much water as you are drinking, and intake will obviously have to increase!

Contrary to belief, dehydration can even happen in the winter months! This is because the dryness  can serve to “dry up” moisture, which leaves our skin dry and itchy oftentimes, our lips chapped, and our mouth dry as well. You can become dehydrated quicker than you expect- so it is important to keep a balanced intake no matter the season!



  • Keep your cells hydrated!

Not only can your body become dehydrated, but on the most atomic level, so can your cells! When you do not take in enough water, it can lead to a serious case called Chronic Cellular Dehydration, where the body’s cells become too weak for functioning. As is obvious, every single bodily function that keeps us alive depends on the proper functioning of our cells. If we fail to keep ourselves sufficiently hydrated, our very bodily functions can slow down!


Now that you know only a few of the many reasons why water is so important and crucial to our daily lives, it will be easier to convince yourself to drink that bottle of water rather than that can of soda when you feel thirsty! After all- you have a body you need to run!


A parting piece of advice- remember that the rule of thumb of amount of water to drink per day is not just 8 glasses of water on average- in reality, we need to drink half of our body weight in ounces per day- (for example,  if you weight 120 lb, the minimum water you should drink is 60 ounces per day, breaking it down throughout the day’s progression in whatever parts you can consume without living in the bathroom!) for the MINIMUM requirements for proper and complete hydration. Tripling this amount yields even better results!




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