The SECRET To Eliminating Bad Habits!

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The SECRET To Eliminating Bad Habits!


We all have a number of bad habits in our lives that we would like to get rid of. The problem is, that’s why bad habits actually exist-because they are so impossible to get away from!


Almost every person alive has experienced the disdain and regret after doing any action that eventually became a bad habit- whether it is eating more chocolate than we need to or whining a little too much.


Can anything be done to make our bad habits disappear for good?


The good news: there is a secret to eliminating bad habits and this secret is held up by a few simple aspects that, once we understand, we can easily target every bad habit and eliminate them at the source!


Here are a few key steps to get started on the road to eliminating bad habits:



  • Identify and Understand the Bad Habit- and Why it is BAD

To successfully start on the path to stopping a bad habit, you must first identify what a bad habit is. Sometimes, we are so busy in our own lives that we don’t even realize a habit of ours is bad or detrimental! Gain advice from someone close to you who can point it out to you. Once you identify it, understand what it is, and why it is bad- all the more to motivate you to get rid of it for good!



  • Set up a Reward/Punishment System

As much as this sounds like Psychology 101 all over again, there is a reason that operant conditioning is so popular in experimentation! Human nature in particular is highly dependent on reinforcing mechanisms that make sure we stick to, or stay away from things that we are meant to stick to or stay away from! Set up a reward and punishment system for yourself- you will no doubt find ways to motivate yourself towards good habits, and away from the bad ones!



  • Find a Replacement Habit

Alas, even once a bad habit is eliminated, it is very easy to relapse into said habit. However, if you keep track of your routines and habits, and in turn find an alternate or almost opposite habit to replace the one you worked so hard to get rid of, you can make sure that the said bad habit stays away for good!


If you apply these key steps, there is no doubt you will be successful in eliminating bad habits for good!


To follow through with these steps in full force, you must always keep in mind the SECRET to eliminating all bad habits:


Bad habits cannot be eliminated without identifying, and targeting the CORE SOURCE! DON’T just force yourself to stop the habit. Learn where it is coming from, and work from there!


Follow through with the steps and the secret to eliminating bad habits, and no matter what habit you are facing or how you need to face it, there is no doubt that you can become a master in replacing bad habits with good ones!


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