The Art of Gift Giving- How to decide on the perfect gift for your loved one!

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We give gifts as a form of appreciation, to a person that we care for on a special occasion.


Be it for a religious holiday (Christmas, Eid), a birthday, a graduation, a marriage, a baby shower, any significant achievement- or even for the pure sake of appreciating someone and showing them your love- gift giving is a part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not.


Gift giving is for sure, a way to create bonds, to enhance relationships, and to build  bridges between people in ways it is not often built without gifts.


Interestingly, I used to think that if a person loves you more for giving them gifts, then they seem to be materialistic, and focused on material gains and things rather than relationships.


The truth is, that for gift-giving to truly build bonds and add meaning to relationships, the very fact of giving a gift or the monetary amount of the gift does not matter as much as what gift you give.


In essence, it is actually the intention that counts, and what the gift means to a person.


There is an art to gift giving that can build your relationships and increase love and affection between the giver and the receiver, be it for a family member, a friend, or partner.


As a part of our society and culture, we are almost accustomed to giving gifts to the point that it is a part of our everyday lives, occasions come left and right and we are bombarded with opportunities to give and receive gifts.


How then, do we give gifts that actually build relationships and mean something, so much so that we go beyond the actual ritual of gift giving.


What is the art of gift giving?- you may ask.


There are just a few, simple rules to keep in mind when considering to give an artful, meaningful gift. Follow these tips, and you will never give a meaningless, useless, boring gift ever again!


  • Make Note of Likes, Wants, Wish Lists


This is by far the easiest way to try and get a gift for a loved one. When you are close to a person, it is natural to overhear them voice their desires, whetehr it is something they have wanted for a long time or have been shopping for, or even just a certain type of thing or themed item that they love.


Rather than letting it slip out of the other ear, keep these things in mind so that you have a wide range of gift possibilities for the next occasion!



  • Make something personal


This is one of my favorites. To give a gift is to give something that means something to both the giver and the receiver. You don’t have to be particularly artsy, but making something that means something will always build a stronger bond.


Personalize anything you can find. Maybe make a jar with motivational sayings or quotes for each day of the year. Or give a list of coupons that your loved one can redeem on your behalf, such as chores or massages. Put your loved one’s favorite quote on a frame, make them something personalized with their name if you are indeed the artsy type.


The possibilities are endless!



  • Plan a trip!


Sometimes, a surprise trip to someplace that your loved one has always wanted to visit is the best gift you can give! Especially for your partner, taking them on a getaway (when you know they are free of course!) is one of the best gifts you can give- the gift of experience and adventure!


Make sure to take note of places your loved one enjoys visiting, or would like to visit- so you can take them there!



  • Take them out for dinner, or make one at home at candlelight!


You can also take note of the foods your loved one enjoys the most. Take them out to that restaurant as a surprise, bring in takeout, or make the food you know they will love and have a candlelight dinner!


Whatever you do, make sure it is something that they enjoy. If you know they enjoy sitting under the stars, set up a blanket outside at night with a picnic of their favorite goodies!


  • Throw a surprise party with all of your loved ones!


Another surefire way to make a person feel loved and special is to throw them a surprise party. Even without going to extremes and spending lots of money, just inviting the people your loved one loves most- family, friends- the surprise and effort you put in to plan such a thing for them will make them happier than any gift will.



In the end, the true art of gift giving lies in the intention, and in the thought and planning of it- and sometimes, in the execution of it.


By taking note of the things and places and foods that your loved one loves the most, you can certainly make whatever occasion you are buying them a gift for, worth the effort!


Giving gifts needs to be more than the ritual of spending money. The thought is what counts, and it is the thought and emotion that embodies the process and action of gift giving that makes it so special.


So special, that once you master the art of gift giving, your relationships with your loved ones will grow and prosper with more appreciation, closeness and love!


What will YOU give your loved one as a gift in the next upcoming occasion?




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