The End is Near? Scientists Predict 5 Terrifying Ways the World Will and May Just End.

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In almost every major world religion, it is believed with certainty that the world as we know it will one day come to an end.


However, skeptics have always arisen from science about the lack of plausibility in such a statement- words of unbelievers.


Contrary to the general belief of those who were against the theories and belief in the end of the world, scientists have actually begun to predict plausible causes for the end of the world- and these are only a few things that we see in the world on a daily basis ourselves.


  • Global Pandemic


Almost every year do millions get affected by a superbug virus that needs to be contained. It is only a matter of time before these viruses become stronger than it is possible for humans to battle- taking the rest of the world to their graves if we are not prepared. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2 million people get sick from such superbugs each year- and with the increase in migration of populations to urban centers, the threat for an outbreak and widespread effect is even greater.


The World Health Organization keeps a close watch on superbugs to ensure that they are controlled, followed, and able to be battled even in stronger forms. If these bugs become resistant to antibiotics, they can truly end the world as we know it, and all humanity within it.



  • Climate Change


Just another one of the many things we as humans have done to make our own lives worse on Earth through our pollution, policies, and inability to plan for the long run for our future generations- is global warming and climate change.


Climate change has the potential to cause large scaled wildfires and a lack of proper humidity levels and adequate fresh water supply with water contamination, atmospheric contamination, and the melting of glaciers. The fact that glaciers are melting poses a greater threat than simple flooding and major coastal cities going Atlantis.


Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are more compacted and worse than ever after thousands of years- and at this rate of pollution it can only destruct life and cause mass extinctions across the planet.



  • Ecological Catastrophe



The permanent reduction of ecological resources is greatly impacting the planet’s ability to sustain life. This means that the rate at which humans are destroying and producing and consuming natural resources is increasing at an alarming a rate- a rate that cannot be reciprocated in the replenishing of such resources.


Ecological collapse is a scientifically quick and disastrous event. Each economic system that is thriving on buying and selling at rapid speeds is contributing to this end, whether they care or like it or not.



  • Global Systems Collapse



A global systems collapse can be classified as a collapse of economy and society as it is in place, and although this definition is broad, it encompasses the possibility of chaos and discord between powers. This can mean war, a combination of ecological collapse and the loss of natural resources, and the inability to function or run societal systems.


Other impacts under this umbrella include the collapse of power grids, economic crises where inflation is extremely high and buying power disappears and the stock market vanishes into uselessness.


This is also seen quite clearly in the direction in which the globally interconnected society is heading, as the gap between classes is widening and the economy is heading into pitfalls.


  • Nuclear War



Although the previous predictions of the fate of our planet are more eventual steps that we as the human race have been taking slowly but surely, one of the most abrupt and destructive ends- that does not seem all too far away with nuclear warheads at the hand of President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.


Only small nuclear conflicts in the past have created severe crises in birthrates, diseases, birth defects, and loss of life and natural habitats in areas affected (Hint: Hiroshima and Nagasaki- Pearl Harbor). Yet on a larger scale, the number of nuclear warheads existing on the planet currently has the potential to wipe off every living thing from every corner of the planet, hundreds of times over.







We are watching the world snowball to its end right under our noses- but can we really do anything to stop it except prepare for our afterlife?


Perhaps it is one cause or another- but one thing is for certain. The rate in which each of these problems are increasing by the minute, it is only a matter of time before an amalgamation of each plausible cause for the end of the world will be the true end.





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