The KKK and America: What the Future of Our Country Holds

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One of the longest standing movements throughout history has been the superiority complex.


Sounds like an interesting statement- but the fact of the matter is that the question of race, genetic superiority, and skin color has lasted throughout centuries as the leading factor in divisions, in ranks, in pride- all over the world.


At times it feels as though the people of the labeled “lesser colors” are the ones enabling such a concept, taking the leftovers and holding their hands above their lowered heads, begging for honor yet diminishing it in the face of the powerful white.


But the truth is, that whether there are enablers or disablers, or if the standing movements such as Black Lives Matter and those standing for the rights of all faiths- especially Muslims- are even working- it is a state of concern in an age where we consider ourselves the most advanced.


Consider the Civil Rights movement not too long ago- the  United States seemed to have moved light-years ahead in fighting for the rights of those of all color, of the African Americans who lost all culture and sense of homeland in actions furthered by the superiority of the white man.


And then there is imperialism- where the white man’s burden was to enlighten the people in deep Africa, in South Asia, to bring them a better “civilization” which they themselves were the only ones enlightened with.


Which brings to a manner of questioning- if a society or group of people is to consider themselves so advanced, to what advancement is the comparison of color?


The people of true advancement and education, of liberation and all things that are decent- the inner core is the true matter of consideration. It is one’s character, what one is made of that defines their place in the world.


Then, what is the point for arguing on behalf on a color that one does not choose? One chooses their actions, their words, their character, the way they carry themselves in the world, that is the true matter of substance.


When organizations such as the Klu Klux Klan decide to resurface in a world where a Black man had the honor to be the President of the free world, how then do we define the meaning of advancement?


Is it in the equalization of color, blinding ourselves to differences? Is it accepting the differences and appreciating the variety of God’s mankind- all the while valuing what makes every person unique yet at the same time, equally valuable?


Or is it the white pin-headed KKK members, burning torches against those who stand for equality, fighting on the fact that their blue eyes and blond hair are infinitely more valuable than the inner value of a man.


Look at the world around you- is there a need to list the instances of backwardness? Beyond the simple fact of the KKK and their rallies and place in the Trump regime- there are the persecution of the police force, the stares and slurs and hate crimes against Muslims, the snarls and anger for all those that do not fit the “white” category.


Are we then not back in the dark ages, in the age of imperialism, of the Heart of Darkness looking into our own advanced nation and seeing those not white, as to be savages?

Or is it, in truth, the white man’s burden that was the deep heart of Africa- the heart of darkness in truth- the true savagery and backwardness?


Looking forward, we must take into consideration, through every action of our every day.


Do we wish to look forward to a future of tomorrow? Or to relive the sins of our past?


The answer and option is in our hands, and it is up to us to raise our generations, strengthen our youth, teach tolerance and understanding- if we do not wish to move backward and lose all the hope and advancement we believe we have come close to achieving.




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