The Perpetual Search for Purpose

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Have you ever stopped yourself and asked- what is my purpose in life?


Quite interestingly, one of the most important- yet most overlooked and undervalued question of life is that of the search for a purpose.


The search for purpose is not something temporary- it is not the decision to take a right or a left turn, it is not the decision of which path to take in a fork in the road- it is not the idea of choosing the path least taken.


The search for purpose is not always conscious. It is not always a single decision to decide that this is my purpose in life, this is the reason I am alive and in this world.


The search for purpose is perpetual, it is never-ending. The search for purpose is not a single fork in the road,- it is countless forks in countless roads taking us on a whirlwind spider web of a journey, navigating through the hills and mountains and valleys of this landscape called life.


Although some believe that lacking a purpose is possible- the fact of the matter is that we all have our purposes hidden within us. We are all bound on a path that is tailored specifically to us, that can be altered specifically by us, that is made for us and only us.


Each and every person’s path- no matter how intertwined it may be with another person, is unique in its highs and lows, twists and turns. Each and every person takes multiple detours and routes before they figure out what their true purpose is.


The times that we begin to feel we do not have a purpose is when we are lacking satisfaction in what we are doing- sometimes we do not know why we are doing what we are doing. We become tired of our routines- of endless nonstop working and spending and eating and sleeping. When things start to become a chore, and the joy of experience and the experience of joy seem to elude us- that is when our subconscious awakens this concept of purpose.


Each and every person has a purpose rooted deep within them, whether they know it or not. To realize this purpose, we must explore our actions day to day, explore the things we enjoy, the things that give our life meaning, that motivate us, that drives us forward.


A life’s purpose is what drives us forward, what gives our life meaning, what keeps us willing to wake up each day and do what needs to be done to make it to the next day. This means, always more than just being alive, more than just eating and sleeping- more than running our bodily functions and breathing.


Yet even when we seem to figure out our purpose in life, it seems to elude us once again. The search seems perpetual- to the extent that sometimes, we wish it could just stop.


Alas, life doesn’t work that way. Purpose is not a one-way street, it is not a final destination.


The search for purpose is perpetual not because it is elusive or unreachable, it is quite the opposite. Having goals, having a purpose is very easily attainable if we motivate ourselves in the correct manner- and the fact that makes the search for purpose perpetual is because after achieving any goal or realizing any purpose, we will always move on to a new goal to a new drive and motivation.


This is the purpose of life. To constantly find and search for a new purpose, for motivation and drives. To find things that speak to our soul. To find the words and mindsets and values that we can stick to when times are rough, in the rough patches of life that each and every person has to face- the toughest one being having to face what lies within us, who we are.


This life shot- as the overused statement tells us time and time again.


Life is short, and it will end before we know it. How we prepare for what comes in the eternal life after the end of this world, will determine a new type of purpose for us, one that provides a sense of peace, a sense of meaning and motivation that never changes as long as we live.


The only end to the perpetual search for purpose is setting our sights on what is eternal- in the afterlife.


This race for goals and pursuits and purpose will be perpetual if we think small and focus in this world.


So race and run, work hard and motivate yourself to work for what speaks to your heart. Find the things that give your heart peace, the people that make you feel at home, the routines that give your life meaning. Find a motto to live by, find a mantra that speaks to your soul.


It is time for the soul searching to begin.




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