Trump Climate Change Policy: 4 Major Disastrous Consequences of the US President’s Choices

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In the long list of things that Donald Trump is putting an end to- acts for environmental protection are at the top of the urgent list.


After his decision to leave the Paris Agreement in early 2017, he has slowly but surely began to back out of all agreements to protect the environment and combat climate change and essentially, global warming.


As commonly understood, it is Trump’s firm belief that global warming is just a myth, and because of this incorrect belief, it is the rest of the planet that will have to pay the price.


It is quite easy to say that the choices of the American President will have direct consequences only on the American population. Yet, even in economic and other scenarios, what effects within the country will always have consequences through a ripple effect outside of the borders- that no Border Wall can blockade or block within.


This ripple effect is even clearer in relation to the climate. Every person on planet Earth shares the same air, the same sky, the same oceans, and waters. Each part of this planet is connected. There may be political and even physical barriers- but the congruency of Mother Earth is something that cannot be denied or ignored.


What goes around comes around. Pollution in any part of the world, ignorance in the face of the ever-changing Earth in the United States, will have long-term and severe effects on the lives of not only American citizens but every citizen of the Earth in every corner of the planet.


As the media is not significantly covering this long-term crisis enough- which has more severe effects long term on the planet than almost any other crisis in history- it is quite difficult at times to put a finger on the exact effects of such choices made by world power the President of the United States.


To clarify, here are 5 disastrous consequences of Donald Trump’s choices on the environment and the world.


  • Water resources and sea levels


Water resources on all parts of the globe are highly dependent on rainfall. With the temperature increase each year, the atmosphere is holding more and more water, causing a susceptibility to drought and record high heats and low rainfall each year. About 4% more of water resources are being held in the atmosphere for every degree of Fahrenheit that the temperature rises


In addition to the limitation on water resources, one of the most recognizable evidence of climate change and global warming is the rise of sea levels around the globe. With even the smallest change in temperature, the melting of glaciers in the North and South poles are causing disastrous increases in sea levels, threatening to flood major coastal cities, aquifer and soil contamination for farmers, as well as the loss of habitats for crucial plants and animals to our way of life.



  • Increase in wildfires


One of the most devastating yet never before seen natural disasters of this past year have been wildfires- with 2017 being the worst year for forest fires in American history.  Countless fires raged for miles and miles in California, with millions of people being forced to evacuate for safety.


With the increase in temperature, the soil’s retention of moisture becomes more and more difficult, making both the air, soil, ground and dead wood drier and more susceptible to forest fires. Not to mention the burning down of entire forests and towns, but the number of taxpayer dollars that will be needed to repair for the damages and relocate evacuees will only increase as a direct cause of Trump’s policies!



  • Severe drop in air quality


Soon enough, gone will be the days where any person can leave their house and breathe in the fresh air, with the smell of grass, flowers, and nature. In the livelihood of the American worker, the amount of pollution being chugged into the atmosphere with no reigning it in- and compete and blatant ignorance on behalf of the country’s president, will only contribute to higher levels of smog and an endless list of health problems for the average citizen.


Asthma is the top of the concerns with the drop in air quality, but it is followed by a long list of severe allergies due to pollen that will bloom either earlier or later, having devastating effects on people’s cardiovascular systems and a rise in need for healthcare- which has costs that are staggering as well.



  • Destruction of Infrastructure



The ultimatum of all the disastrous consequences of ignoring the truths of climate change and global warming is the destruction of all infrastructure on the planet- the falling apart of almost every part of our daily lives. There will be a collapse of the system of roads, water supply, power grids, bridges, and more.


When there are droughts in one location, there will be excess of rainfall and flooding in another. Droughts can lead to wildfires, and excess rainfall can lead to the damaging of sewage pipes, roads, power lines, and bridges- all of which will cost millions of taxpayer dollars to repair. The cost of reparations for Hurricane Irma and Harvey alone was estimated to be about $200 billion, and adding the consequences of the countless Hurricanes such climate change harkens, there will be no end to paying for the future disasters for generations to come.



As the United States Government turns a blind eye and labels the serious threats to our way of life on this planet- the only planet we have- disastrous consequences will hit not only close to home but will be carried through winds and through the shared atmosphere that the entire planet shares.


Citizens of not only the United States- but all the generations of the entire planet Earth itself, will be here to pay the price.




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