This Is What The Trump Era Looks Like

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There are many things that America as a country stands for.

For freedom. For equality of rights.

For liberty and justice for all.


That’s why it was a total shocker when Mister Donald Trump, executive of Trump industries made his claim on the throne and rose to power, dawning upon us the Trump Era.


With Trump as President, there are many more things that America is turning the tide towards.

To racism. To inequality. To injustice. To mindlessness. To the destruction of moral values.

To straight out absurdity.


There are many things that Americans feel out of fear or anxiety of what is to come next from our new POTUS. What we cannot ignore, is that he really is our president now, and that rather than blinding ourselves in shock, we have to learn to identify what is wrong before we can set out to fix it.


There are countless organizations fighting for rights, fighting for the good of the country in backlash to the absurdities brought about by Trumps so-called administration.


But the fact of the matter is, he was elected.


Someone wanted him up there. And that someone seems to be egging his administration onwards. And whatever absurdities are being established, each and every American will have to reckon with these new realities of the Trump era.


Don’t get me wrong, as a true American I want more than anyone for our president to do whats right for the country.


But when the rights of many are at risk, and the very laws and values that bind our nation together are being picked apart, its pretty difficult to keep the faith in what seems like a democracy falling apart.


There are just too many things falling apart since the day Trump was elected- and beyond his insane outbreaks of emotion, nonstop tweets, and awkward repetition of words (talk about no public speaking skills!), the actual action being taken far beyond his promises are what shock us.


It shocks most Americans to the point that it doesn’t seem real. All that is happening seems to spiral around our heads, and we can barely keep track of what is happening. Or what to expect of a new life in the United States.


To really survive in any country, you have to understand the fabric of culture in the era in which you live in.


And in this turning point of eras, it is clear that what has been established as the United States in the past few decades is being flipped over on its head.


Its time to step back from the shock and look our country in its eyes and understand what is ailing it.


For real this time.


Can’t seem to pinpoint just what Trump’s Era looks like, or may eventually look like?




Here is a totally incomprehensive list of the new realities Americans must come to terms with and acknowledge as a part of life in the States- if they wish to turn the tables once again:



  • Racial discrimination

The days of racial equality have taken a total 180 degree flip. Wherever we were heading with a black president with President Obama has got up and ran away from our reach.


All these years of toiling for equality of rights and even acknowledgement as human beings, it seems almost that the new reality we are to live with is that all races that are not white Americans will face discrimination in their daily lives, even if there is almost negative chances for a threat.



  • Banning people of a certain faith and of a certain origin (The Muslim Bans)

Correct me if I am mistaken, but I truly believe that this country was built upon diversity, of people from all nations coming together for a better life and for freedom of identity.


When this right is stripped away from things like the Muslim Ban and Trump’s wall, its as if people have been banned and robbed of their right to exist in a country that once welcomed them with open arms.


Even if there are a good many Americans that care for others, and are in no way racist to this extent, it is a new reality dawning in this era that speaks to the fear that once was in the hearts of African American slaves not too long ago.


We may not be taking the path back to slavery, but the mindset is shifting to that of imbalance of identity.



  • Lying outright

Forget teaching your children to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Not only the President himself, but the majority of the administration has taken it upon themselves to lie and lie and lie. This seems to become a way of life in Trump’s era.


From lying about Iran attacking the States to continuously trying to alter the clear fact of the Presidential Inauguration Crowd to the removal of the statue in his office and Kellyane Conway’s coining of a reality of “Alternative Facts”, it is hard not to see lies upon lies seeping through every corner.


All those corporations we always thought would get the boot for selling us lies, will now have open license to thrive in a government that now prides itself in lying while being totally oblivious to the weight of the lie.


No, even if he knew that lying was wrong, Trump would still do it. The word “wrong” is extremely relative, especially for a man like him.

  • Anti-court system

Of all the 3 branches of the American democratic government system, it always seemed that the Judicial branch and its system of courts and judges would always be impartial and on the side of the law, regardless of associations of opinions or biases. The law is supposed to be the law.


Which is interesting, because when a President is supposed to answer to such a power, it seems that he is denying it outright, refusing to reckon with the laws that govern this nation.


In a way, he is denying the truth of answering to a system of laws to keep the country running. The laws we answer to, from their very core, are being pulled out from the root.



  • Gender Inequality

Trumps era


Forget the way that Trump’s administration has almost completely undone all the work for the rights of the LGBT community.


His “pussy grabbing” comments have in a way, denounced the rights of women as people, and made the gender gap  larger not only financially, but in the fundamental rights of every woman, feminist or not, in the country.


His treatment of women as objects, and demeaning stance on women as people in his comments in general have basically authorized and validated all those who are anti-feminist and (basically) male supremacists.


People are basically allowed to look down on women again, thanks to Trump’s validation of their ignorance. He is just as ignorant as they are.



  • Pro-Anti-Semitism and white nationalist

Openly associating with white nationalist groups and leaders, and aligning ideals with anti-Semitism ideals is on the rise with the President’s actions.


Of course, these ideals never fully disappeared and have always been on the sidelines. By giving authority and acknowledgement- and that too positively reinforcing- is allowing this type of mindset to seep into this new growing generation. This mindset is back and in the forefront, without shame or fear.


It is a new reality to deal with.



  • Denying refugees in need

Similar to the racism and ban on Muslims, it seems as though the most innocent and in-need of the world are denied access to freedom in this Land of the Free.


These people are terrorized and need a place to turn for a fresh new start- and not because they want to hurt anyone, but because they have been hurt enough.


Interestingly, with the other nations (Canada cough Canada) opening their arms for these people, and with Trump’s era ushered in with painful new realities, America seems to be the last place people in need will turn to for a new start.



  • Giving benefit to the rich

The seemingly opposite reality of a democracy is coming into fruition as a corporate nation. With rising benefits for the rich, tax cuts for the millionaires of the nation and increased taxes for the middle class, it seems POTUS and his administration are focused on keeping the benefits for the reach.


And preventing any possible gaining of benefits for anyone below the bottom rung.


In this new reality, it should be expected that life would only be harder to afford and sustain if you are not exceedingly rich. And, no amount of hard work can allow you to grow financially, as the new system is being wired to keep you behind financial bars.

Trumps era


  • Declaring mainstream media as the enemy

To understand media from its core- especially mainstream media- it is important to realize that it rose as a way to grant people voice and freedom in ways corporate powers and political entities usually sought to undermine.


Mainsteam media usually is the voices of the people, standing for the people. But when the mainstream media is disavowed and declared as the enemy, it seems as though we are stripped of our voices and not allowed to speak.


Not only that, but we are almost denied access to the voices of millions. Or rather, denied validation of those voices. 1984 much?



  • Degrading importance of security briefings

There is no doubt that being the President of the United States is no small task. Endless security briefings from all levels of classified and urgency must be dealt with alongside advisors.


Rather than attending to them with the utmost importance that it should be given, Trump decides he does not need to be there.


Judging by the number of lengthy vacations he has already taken since assuming presidency, it is no surprise that us as citizens of the United States mean no importance to Trump, and almost never will. That also means that burgeoning issues will never be dealt with, let alone dealt with in the proper manner. Things will be left unattended to, advice will be disregarded.


The overall security of the nation will be at risk. The rights of the people will be ignored. The needs of the nation will be forgotten as he goes on yet another vacation.


Our issues will never matter to him, and the security of the nation that he so-called roots and defends is just a ploy for popularity in his reality television serial.



  • Thinking of America as a reality TV show

In his comments about Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice it seems that Trump sees his role as nothing but the protagonist (antagonist for us) of a reality TV show.


He has even gone as far as to tweet the upcoming announcement of who is to be elected to several administration positions, attempting to build up some sort of excitement.


TV-show ploy much?



  • Tweeting everything he does

Despite being a generation of technology and digitized way of life, it seems unnatural that dear POTUS should rely so heavily on Twitter to vent his every emotion.


I mean, he is a human being and he should be able to vent his emotions. But as one of the leading powers of the developed world, it seems that this could serve negatively for him, and his status as a power-player in the future.


Which means, can impact America’s status in general, and the rights of our citizens across the globe. We are naturally associated with our President. What could go wrong?



  • Treating America as a corporation

Putting aside the way in which Trump attacked a private company for boycotting his daughter’s brand and the advertisement of brands on the new White House website, Trump sees his investments and dealings as POTUS a part of a larger corporation deal.


Naturally, citizens of this corporation will be viewed as gains and losses, not human beings.



  • Outright denial of environmental issues

The Environmental Protection Agency was just one of the organizations- if not the major one, that we depend on to inform us scientifically, with facts and figures, just how the planet is doing and just what we can do in terms of policy changes to fix it, and prevent total disaster.


With the EPA handed over to a climate denialist and an administration of lies and blind beliefs, it is almost certain that whatever small progress being made in keeping the planet’s disintegration under control is not only being torn to shreds, but earing a speeding ticket towards disaster.



  • Making sensitive issues public- even nuclear details

It seems as though Trump has never received proper briefing on the almost common sense ideals of the sensitivity and classified nature of certain things.


Instead of keeping things private when they need to be, he is insistent on discussing core secret deals in public to the extent of nuclear warhead details and discussions without so much as security clearance at country clubs around friends.


Its as if he sees nuclear talks as emotionally as he sees his Twitter rants.


It is a new reality to forget safety, and brace ourselves for possible war- if clearances keep up this way.


  • Destroying relations with important allies

Nations have allies for a reason. Australia and Mexico are in a way close the United States for sake of mutual needs and protection. No nation can stand alone without allying itself with others. Global crises and disagreements with other nations undoubtedly arise over and over again, as is the natural state of human existence.


But when you yell at Australia and threaten Mexico to pay for a wall to keep their citizens out, it seems like you are setting the ring up to get yourself cornered in the long run.



  • Allying with enemies

Being a superpower as a country naturally aligns enemies vying for the throne on which you sit. Which is interesting, when rather than keeping up with delicate relations with the centuries-established enemy, we are starting to align ourselves to become too friendly with those who care most to hurt us as a nation.


Is this Trump being incredibly stupid, or justifiably smart?

trump era


  • Constructive criticism makes YOU the enemy

We are a nation that wants to move forward and succeed, and to do that there needs to be constructive criticism in the process. No one is perfect- definitely not Trump- and if his advisors in any way see something being said or thought as wrong, it is pretty critical to listen and understand.


Unfortunately, the era we now live in denounces all sort of advice, to the extreme that any advice you give, any criticism to the choices and actions and even WORDS of our new supreme leader is seen as aligning with the enemy.


In other words, we have no choice but to listen and nod our heads blindly in agreement no matter what.


We are screwed either way.



  • Disability Stigma

It took years and years of fighting for rights and lobbying to finally be able to identify people with disabilities as deserving of rights and acknowledgment, of having the access and freedom of the pursuit of happiness.


With Trump and his own degradation of any person with disabilities outright in the news, it seems as though all this hard work has been undone, and those with disabilities have lost their right to any sort of life.



trump era


This exhaustive list is nothing if comprehensive, and it seems that day-by-day, rights and long-fought establishments are being uprooted. Even as I finished writing this list, it was as if more and more points were piling upon me and drowning me.


(Visit New York Magazine’s article here ] ) for a more comprehensive, exacting list of the actual terrifying things Trump has done- and this is only up until the end of February)


Are there any burning new realities Americans live with in Trump’s Era missing from the above list? Can it get any worse?


What are you planning to do in your own lives to deal with this new era?


Is there anything that can be done?



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